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scanEZ / Features / Deletion Stubs


The Deletion Stub Explorer lists detailed information about all the deletion stubs in a database. You can find this feature in the Tools menu or by right-clicking the Deletion Stub category in the Selection Tree. The Deletion Stub Explorer window uses the grid interface. This screen also tells you the global Deletion Stub Lifetime Setting for the database in days.

Options in the Deletion Stub Explorer

An optional cut-off filter is available in the Options section in the top part of the window. This feature lets you enter a cut off Start Date and End Date for the deletion stubs to be displayed in the grid. You can choose to filter by either Deletion Time (In this File) or Deletion Time (Official) via radio button.

Columns Available in the Deletion Stub Explorer

  • NoteID
  • Deletion Time (In this file)
  • Deletion Time (Official)
  • Creation Time (Initially)
  • Sequence Number
  • Available for Deletion
  • Remaining life of deletion stub (days)
  • UNID: This column is not displayed by default.