Looking for insight on how to get the most out of your Ytria EZ software tools? Curious to know what the tools were really made for?

Ytria’s webcast series brings you together with our experts, and offers you the opportunity to hear best practices, tips for success, or simply to discover a whole new perspective. Participants also are given a chance to ask questions during the presentation, access that may not otherwise be available.

Our goal is to go deeper into topics and cover the finer points. All webcasts are recorded and downloadable for anytime viewing so that you can revisit the presentation at your own pace.

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Featured Webcasts

GDPR-considerations Security Considerations for your IBM Domino environment Enterprise IT security has never been more important in light of recent, high-profile cyber attacks and Domino Infrastructures are no exception. .

GDPR-considerations GDPR-considerations A hands-on webinar to help you get ready.

HealthCheck Ytria Health-Check Masterclass (in German) The ultimate guide to verifying the integrity of your Domino environment

scanEZ scanEZ Masterclass (in German) Mastering scanEZ’s Various Tools for Better Management of Designs, Deletion Stubs, Replication & More.

HealthCheck Ytria Health-Check Masterclass The ultimate guide to verifying the integrity of your Domino environment

Domino Migration Informed Domino Consolidation for Microsoft Migration Assess what your environment contains and consolidate applications, replicas, and usage and template information.

databaseEZ Masterclass databaseEZ Masterclass | How to Raise the Bar for Your Application Maintenance. | 73 min. 48sec. A Walkthrough of What is New in EZ Suite 16.5.

scanEZ Masterclass I What's New in EZ Suite 16.5? | 56 min. 24sec. A Walkthrough of What is New in EZ Suite 16.5.

scanEZ Masterclass I scanEZ Masterclass I | 49 min. 44sec. How to Master scanEZ’s Core Document Management Capabilities.

scanEZ Masterclass II scanEZ Masterclass II | 66 min. 04sec. Mastering scanEZ’s Various Tools for Better Management of Designs, Deletion Stubs, Replication & More.

What's New in EZ Suite 16? | 78 min. 35sec. Get to know EZ Suite 16! Launch your administration and development to new heights.

Application Development made easy with EZ Suite tools | 64 min. 43sec. Learn how to use Ytria software tools to streamline your development of IBM Notes and Domino, web and XPages applications.

Introducing consoleEZ: The Command Center for Multiple IBM Domino Consoles | 37 min. 55sec. Learn how you can access multiple consoles in one place, monitor what's going on with a global dashboard, various filters and log analyzers, and even send out commands.

Replication Fundamentals Through Customer Examples - A replicationEZ Masterclass Webcast | 59 min. 02sec. Learn about practical IBM (Lotus) Domino replication solutions using the latest features of replicationEZ and other Ytria tools based on customer scenarios.

From Frustration to Fascination: Dissecting Replication - An in-depth webinar co-hosted with TLCC | 37 min. 55sec. Learn about tips, tricks and code that will help you debug and tackle the toughest replication problems (conflicts, ghosts, inconsistencies etc…) like a pro.

What's New in EZ Suite 12? | 73 min. 16sec. See the great new features and improvements in this most recent major software release, including ability to automate processes in Ytria tools by loading your own XML file.

Effectively manage your agents, design element signatures and signer IDs - An agentEZ and signEZ Best Practices webcast | 69 min. 32sec. Find out how take control of your agents across your entire server and correct all types of signature issues...

How to work effectively with your ACLs and ACL groups - An aclEZ Best Practices webcast | 72 min. 47sec. Discover, analyze and resolve issues with your ACLs, ACL groups, settings and roles on a mass scale...

Past Webcasts

What the heck does that button do? A scanEZ Master Class | 62 min. 27sec. Discover new ways to work with documents and achieve complete mastery over your databases with these actions...

databaseEZ Best Practices Webcast | 69 min. 44sec. Learn how to resolve major administration issues by performing extensive analysis on your Domino environment in a timely manner...

Taking aim at all your replication issues with replicationEZ | 50 min. 09sec. Find out how to establish a true global picture of replication across your Domino domain and answer some fundamental questions about replication....

What’s new in EZ Suite version 11? | 58 min. 30sec. Learn what's new and improved in EZ Suite version 11 as a result of your requests and suggestions...

What's new in EZ suite 10.5? | 63 min. 01sec. Watch highlights of some of the more significant changes in the EZ Suite tools with version 10.5 update's new and improved features...

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