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Tag: SelectNAB

This tag automates the Select NAB for Check Presence function.

<SelectNAB Server="Acme02/ACME" Database="Acme's Directory"/>

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValueValue DescriptionComment
TypeMemberPresence or MemberListing
ServerAbbreviated server as it appears in the Server list
DatabaseNAB Name as it appears in the "Look In" list

Detailed Description

SelectNAB is the same as the regular SelectNAB action with parameter:

Type is not mandatory; SelectNAB defaults to MemberPresence if it is not set.

  • Select NAB for Check Presence:
<SelectNAB Type="MemberPresence" Current="True"/> or <SelectNAB Current="True"/>

  • Select NAB for Group member listings:
<SelectNAB Type="MemberListing" Server="Acme01/ACME" Database="Demo2's Address Book"/>

<SelectNAB Server="ACME02/ACME" Database="Acme's Directory"/> refers to the abbreviated Server name and the NAB Database name as it appears in the Look In drop down list:

Current="True" selects Use all Notes Address Books on <Current NAB Server>

Example Script

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ytriaAutomation Application="aclEZ" ApplicationVersion="16.5">
<SelectNAB Type="MemberListing" Server="Acme02/ACME" Database="Acme's Directory"/>

In the script above, the action SelectNAB is used to set the NAB to be used when checking presence to the database "Acme's Directory" found on server ACME02/ACME.