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Tag: Remove

This self-closing tag will emulate unchecking the 'Is Visible' checkbox in the Grid Manager.
<Remove ColumnID="5"/>

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValueValue DescriptionComment
TargetApplicable Grid CodeNot mandatory – If no target is set, this will default to the main grid.
ColumnIDApplicable Column ID in the Grid Manager Mandatory
ServerAbbreviated server names (separated by comma)Only applicable in consoleEZ - see below
IndexPositive integerWindow index numberOnly applicable in consoleEZ - see below

The Server attribute is only applicable to consoleEZ, in which case it will be mandatory for Target="LogAnalyzer" or Target="VolumeAnalyzer".

The Index attribute is also only used in consoleEZ and is mandatory when using Target="LogAnalyzer" or Target="VolumeAnalyzer", it is the value found on the Log Analyzer and Volume Analyzer windows.