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Tag: SelectColumn

The SelectColumn action will emulate selecting the column in a grid.

<SelectColumn ColumnID="1"/>

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValueValue DescriptionComment
TargetApplicable Grid CodeSets the target grid to carry out the action onNot mandatory.
If no target is set, the target will default to the main grid (for products containing a main grid).
ColumnIDApplicable Column ID in the Grid Manager Sets the column to carry the action out onMandatory
ServerUser definedName as found in the 'Select server' list of the 'Open Server' dialogMandatory for
IndexPositive integerConsole window index numberMandatory for

Detailed Description

The action SelectColumn generally uses only two attributes: Target and ColumnID

Note Due to the nature of consoleEZ, it is possible to have multiple grids and consoles open at once.

The way to reference a specific grid when using either the Log Analyzer or the Volume Analyzer (Target="LogAnalyzer" or Target="VolumeAnalyzer") is through two attributes:

    1. Server: this is the name as found in the 'Select server' list of the 'Open Server' dialog
    2. Index this is the console window index number

      <SelectColumn target="VolumeAnalyzer" server="Acme01/ACME" index="1" columnID="2">

    The script above will select the second column on the [1] Volume Analyzer grid for the server 'Acme01/ACME'.