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To populate the User Activity Grid, the User Activity Analyzer tool must first be executed on one or multiple databases.

The User Activity Grid displays all the user or server activity records, including the number of documents a user or server has read or written during each session.

Grid right-click options - Tools and Columns

More information about Grid Tools and Options is here.

The User Activity Grid includes the following columns:

Default Enable
Database Title
Displays the name of the Domino database.
Database Path
Path of the Domino database. The root correspond to the notes data directory.
Domino Server Name.
Database Filename
Displays the database's file name (e.g: names.nsf).
Domino User name.
Date and time format.
Number of document reads.
Number of document writes.
Data Reads
Number of data reads.
Data Adds
Number of data adds.
Data Updates
Number of data updates.
Data Deletes
Number of data deletes.
Non-Data Reads
Number of non-data reads.
Non-Data Adds
Number of non-data adds.
Non-Data Updates
Number of non-data updates.
Non-Data Deletes
Number of non-data deletes.

More information about Grid Columns is here.