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Getting Started / Product Installation


After installing any Ytria software you should see a toolbar similar to the one pictured below:

Figure 1: The Ytria Toolbar in Notes 9

In the event that the normal installation process does not install the toolbar for Ytria's software properly, follow the troubleshooting tips below:

How do I manually install a Ytria toolbar in Notes R6, R7, R8 and R9

  • In File->Preferences->Toolbar preferences, click on the Customize tab.
  • At the top of the Customize tab select the Ytria toolbar from the list, select the 'Toolbar to Modify'. Note: If the Ytria toolbar does not exist, you will have to create it. Go to the Toolbars tab, click the New Toolbar button and enter the title: Ytria
  • Click on the 'New' button and select 'Button' from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter the product name in the Button caption text and the Popup help text fields. The next step will be to enter the formula. Copy the appropriate formula in the formula field:
actionBarEZ@DbLookup( "Ytria" : "NoCache"; "actionbarez.exe" : @Text(@DocumentUniqueID))
designPropEZ@DbLookup( "Ytria" : "NoCache"; "designpropez.exe" : @Text(@DocumentUniqueID))
scanEZ@DbLookup( "Ytria" : "NoCache"; "scanez.exe" : @Text(@DocumentUniqueID))
signEZ@DbLookup( "Ytria" : "NoCache"; "signez.exe" : @Text(@DocumentUniqueID))
viewEZ@DbLookup( "Ytria" : "NoCache"; "viewez.exe" : @Text(@DocumentUniqueID))
aclEZ@DbLookup( "Ytria" : "NoCache"; "aclEZ.exe" : @Text(@DocumentUniqueID))
databaseEZ@DbLookup( "Ytria" : "NoCache"; "aclEZ.exe" : @Text(@DocumentUniqueID))
agentEZ@DbLookup( "Ytria" : "NoCache"; "agentEZ.exe" : @Text(@DocumentUniqueID))
formEZ@DbLookup( "Ytria" : "NoCache"; "formez.exe" : @Text(@DocumentUniqueID))
replicationEZ@DbLookup( "Ytria" : "NoCache"; "replicationez.exe" : @Text(@DocumentUniqueID))
consoleEZ@DbLookup( "Ytria" : "NoCache"; "consoleez.exe" : @Text(@DocumentUniqueID))

Special Buttons

signEZ: Sign Hotspot@DbLookup( "Ytria" : "NoCache"; "signez.exe" : @Text("HOTSPOT_" + @Text(@NoteID)))
signEZ: Sign Selected Note@DbLookup( "Ytria" : "NoCache"; "signez.exe" : @Text("DIRECT_" + @Text(@NoteID)))

Click on the Change Icon button and select the appropriate image name: ytriaactionbarez.gif, ytriadesignpropez.gif, ytriascanez.gif, ytriasignez.gif etc. Note: If the image does not exist, you can copy one of the images below, right-click on the image and select 'Save image as'

ProductsIBM Notes R7 and lowerIBM Notes R8 (R8.5 for Domino Designer) and higher
signEZ: Sign Hot Spot
signEZ: Sign Selected Note

To add it to the list of images, click on the New button and select the file you just copied.
  • Click OK twice to close the two popups and then click on the Save toolbar button to save your changes. You should now be able to access your software directly from Notes.

I'm clicking on the toolbar and it still does not work

Try to see if you are still able to run our products directly from their .exe file. If so, then it is probably just a toolbar problem. Some users may need to change the formula to point directly to the executable file.

@DbLookup( "Ytria" : "NoCache"; "C:\\Lotus\\Notes\\scanez.exe" : @Text(@DocumentUniqueID))