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Global Features / The flexYgrid


At the center of most every EZ Suite tool is a proprietary grid-style interface known as the flexYgrid.
On this page, you will find an overview of the different ways to access the many options available for everything from grid configuration to display formatting, as well as the core functions you'll use when working with your data.

flexYgrid panel with two grid groupings

The example above shows a flexYgrid panel with two grid groupings. Grouping data by category is one of many data organization features available in the flexYgrid.

Accessing/activating functions and options in the flexYgrid

You can access the functions and options available in the flexYgrid through one of these four access points:

The Toolbar

flexYgrid toolbar

Toolbar Button Functions (from left to right)

Click the included link for more information about the individual functions.

Ctrl + JShow/Hide Grid Manager
Ctrl + Shift+ F2Show Grid Status Bar

Shift + +Expand All
Shift + -Collapse All
Alt + Go to the previous group header on the same level
Alt + Go to the next group header on the same level
Ctrl + IGroup by Currently Selected Column
Ctrl + Shift + GUngroup All

Ctrl + F4Freeze Up To current column
F4Freeze Columns
Ctrl + Shift + F4Unfreeze

Ctrl + ASelect All
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + Shift + CCopy selected entries from Current Column

Ctrl + Shift + EExport to file...
Set Export and Copy Settings...

Ctrl + Shift + PCreate Pivot Table
Ctrl + Shift + QCompare Column Values
Remove All Comparison Results Columns
Remove All 'Not Present' Family Member Entries from the Grid

Ctrl + F3Find All
Ctrl + FFind First
F3Find Next

Ctrl + KClear All Column Filters

Ctrl + BAdd Annotation Column
Ctrl + BSet values in Annotation Column
Ctrl + Shift + BClear values from Annotation Column
Remove Annotation Column

Ctrl + Shift + HHide Selected Entries
Ctrl + Shift + URestore All Hidden Entries

Ctrl + Shift + F6Unset All Grouping and Sorting
Ctrl + Shift + F7Restore Grid to Original Order

Highlight Current Column
Ctrl + F11Show/Hide Vertical Column Titles
F11Show/Hide Column Title in Tooltip
Show/Hide Empty Groups
Sort Groupings by Count
Sort Groupings by Totals
CTRL + ALT + VDisplay all Filtered and Manually-Hidden Rows
Ctrl + F2Set cursor to move independently from highlighted selections

Grid Configuration: Save Current Configuration to File
Ctrl + F8Grid Configuration: Save Current Configuration as Default
Grid Configuration: Load from File
Ctrl + Shift + F8Grid Configuration: Revert to your Default Configuration Settings
Ctrl + Shift + F5Grid Configuration: Restore to Original Ytria Layout
Suspend Grid Redraw

The Grid Tools & Options section in the context menu

For the most part, this submenu contains the same selection of options as the Toolbar. Please see the option table above for more information about each individual function.

flexYgrid-context menu-Grd Tools & Options



For the most part, this submenu contains the same selection of options as the Toolbar. Please see the option table above for more information about each individual function.

Note In addition to the standardized 'Grid Tools & Options' choices, the context menu also contains many product specific functions. Please see the 'Context Menu' section of the applicable product for more information.

Context Menu Exclusive Functions

The following functions are only available through the 'Grid Tools & Options' menu:

Ctrl + Shift + JHide Grid's Group Zone and Toolbar
Ctrl + F6Hide Selected Column
Ctrl + F7Restore Last Hidden Column

Tip If the widow size is reduced, not all of your toolbar icons will be shown.

In this case, you can reveal any hidden icons by clicking the arrow button located at the end of the toolbar.

flexYgrid-toolbar-hidden icons

Column Headers

Column headers contain a variety of functions and options that you can apply on an individual column's data to influence what you see in a given grid panel.

flexYgrid-columnheader_dropdown menu

For information about the cell and group formatting, as well as the breadth of editable column settings see the Column Formatting Actions page.
For Sort and Filter functionality, see the Column Actions page.

Note Options found within column header menus will only affect the column that the menu relates to.

The Grid Manager

The Grid Manager is a powerful, central control panel where you can set a wide variety of grid configuration options.
Each flexYgrid panel has a dedicated Grid Manager that will reflect the available options for a given panel.
flexYgrid-Grid Manager