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Minor and major improvements, bug fixes and new features introduced in the latest releases of replicationEZ.
See a clear overview of what's new in the latest version.

Release #

  • New - Automation tag functions have been expanded to include the following tags:
  • StopAutomation
  • Fixed – Compatibility with CIAO! has been restored.
  • Fixed - Various stability fixes and enhancements have been implemented.
  • Fixed - Issue with newly loaded servers' column visibility and display settings not conforming to the current "common" server column setup has been fixed.
  • New – Date filters in flexYgrid columns now contain new date selection picker module.
  • New – NAB group and name exploration/selection panels ('Names') now offer additional information columns: 'Full Name', 'NoteID', and 'NAB Filename'.
  • New – 'Export to File' feature now provides a default file name when exporting to any format.
  • Fixed – Improvements to the EZ Suite installation database and process execution fix installation problems in which some users were unable to install due to target folder restrictions.
  • Fixed - Stability enhancements have been added in the Ytria Update utility.
  • Fixed – The latest LibXL architecture has been implemented for Excel file export.
  • Fixed – flexYgrid panels have gotten general stability enhancements.
  • Fixed – Various bug fixes in grid-data Copy (specifically Ctrl + C command) functions were made to remedy the following issues:
        1- Erroneous text was displayed ("Exporting selection to file...") in progress dialog when using Ctrl+C in a grid with many rows selected.
        2- A memory limitation problem was encountered using Ctrl+C to copy HTML parts to the clipboard.
  • Fixed – An issue that occurred when exporting or copying grid data to HTML format resulted in settings of '<b> X </b>' for checked checkbox cells being returned as corrupt has been corrected.
  • Fixed/New - Automation tag function fixes have been made for the following tags:
        • List and Loop
        • SetVar
        • ShellExecute (in loop)
        • FilePath
        • EditEntries
        • CopyMoveDocsToDbs
        • CopyItems
        • CreateItem
  • Fixed – Various minor issues with Group and Sort actions on group totals within flexYgrid panels have been corrected.
  • Fixed – An issue with the grid status bar summary information incorrectly showing group header row counts has been fixed.
  • All products in EZ Suite 16.5 include major changes/improvements to automation language functions, as well as other cross-product enhancements. For more information please see the page "What's New in EZ Suite 16.5?"
  • All products in EZ Suite 16 include numerous major changes/improvements, including a complete redesign of data handling/grid mechanics. For more information please see the page "What's New in EZ Suite 16?"
  • New -Open Server dialog: Option to save server names in Notes.ini for future reference, as well as manage the list.
  • Fixed - Now you can Switch ID or use Full Admin Access after trying to open a database without the proper access rights; single-database products (like scanEZ) will re-open the db, server products (like aclEZ) will keep the db in the tree to re-open.
  • Improved -Select a Server dialog: Better management of the ‘Other & list Servers from Passthru Connexion’ documents.
  • New - Now you can specify folders to load when selecting a target server to open in the tool, so no need to load them all. You can add folders as well as save a list of folders to re-use (saved in the file YtriaServerFoldersList.txt).
  • Fixed - Removed some improperly displayed tooltips on certain menu options.
  • Fixed - Maintain user’s database selection upon full reload of a server (when partially opened).
  • Fixed - Grid was not refreshed upon delete of all rows in Replication Settings.
  • Fixed - Modification Log Database and Modification Log Comment added to the Options menu. This was working automatically, however the menu option was not visible to allow user modification.
  • Fixed - The ‘Removing Replication Settings’ message was not shown in the Output panel.
  • New - Vastly improved version of the Modification Log template.
  • Fixed bug: Notes version for ODS 52 is now displayed correctly.
  • Fixed bug: Export to Excel from grid with grouping.
  • Fixed bug: Numbers with decimals are now handled correctly. (This was only an issue with version 12.0.5)
  • New Options: 'Append' and 'Add Non-Contiguous' in Export dialogue (also available through Automation).
  • Switch ID and Full Admin Access improved - now uses saved password.
  • Optimized Grid Filter.
  • New server tree right-click menu item: 'Refresh'.
  • Fixed and improved Automation & Excel Export.
  • URL created with https only when required.
  • Fixed bug when closing documents.
  • Passthru Server type connections are now properly listed in Server list dialogues.
  • Improved: 'Select a server' dialog.
  • New: 'Recent Server or DB' list is now case insensitive.
  • Fixed: 'Create Folder' issue when adding a document to newly created folder.
  • Fixed bug: Crash occurred only in IBM Notes 7 and older.
  • Added ability to close the Help Center dialog with the 'Esc' key.
  • Added new eXtensible Markup Language (XML) scripts to automate processes in the EZ Suite.
  • Added new "Load Automation XML" feature option accessible from Server or Database menu.
  • Updated java widgets to launch from IBM Notes and IBM Domino Designer.
  • Improved Database Selection Filter panel. It now includes Full Path search option.
  • Enhanced Server Selection Dialog Box (with QuicK Search, etc.).
  • Improved standard Regular Expression (Regex) and Formula dialog boxes with Show History button and interface. Past Regex and formulas can be selected for use or they can be deleted from the History.
  • Enhanced Open Database dialog box with Ctrl+F to find databases on selected servers, sticky display preferences (Title and/or File Name) and F3 key to find next matches.
  • Added new distinguishable icon for redirection directories in the Selection Tree for easier identification.
  • Improved Quick Search. Query is no longer limited to the sorted column, and allows subsequent selection of any column to conduct the search.
  • Added new Set Column Width option enabling the user to define the number of characters to display for the selected column.
  • Enhanced grid exporting to copy/paste grid contents in HTML, Rich Text and Simple Text formats in any word editor program or IBM Notes.
  • Enhanced group and cell formatting dialog boxes. Custom formatting of dates and numbers can be applied to both groups and cell at the same time from either dialog box.
  • Added new Register by Email option for when internet is unavailable.
  • Improved YtriaUpdate to handle Windows 7 UAC security restrictions.
  • Enhanced Names dialog box with new options.
  • Fixed Bug: Optimized code for the grid.
  • Added new native Excel options to Grid data exporting, including the use of custom, pre-formatted excel books. Supports both Excel 97-2003 and Excel 2007-2010 output file formats.
  • Added new option "Track Notes" to track documents and designs in all replicas (available in Tools).
  • Enhanced integration with other Ytria tools. User can now select server(s) to open multiple databases with other Ytria tools.
  • Improved Discover Replica Chart to show explanation of errors in a popup when an affected server node is selected.
  • Improved Batch Mode with new options.
  • Added new shortcuts to the Main Grid: Shift +, Shift -, +, -, *.
  • Database Selection Filter: Simplified the way a selection is applied on a database filter.
  • Fixed bug: corrected the ‘Time of Retrieval’ in the Discover Replicas Chart.
  • New Password option: You can now save an empty password for the currently used ID (In menu: Options/Password Options…).
  • Code re-engineered
    Fixed bug: Crashes occurred when using 'Uncheck Databases For Selected Entries' or 'Uncheck Databases For Not Selected Entries' from the Cluster Analyzer.
  • Modified "Console Command". The user now has the option to continue doing other tasks if he doesn't care about the server responses to the command lines, and a small message at the end in the output panel.
  • Fixed calculation issues with the 'Space Used' column when DAOS was enabled.
  • Updated the main menu to have the 'Options' menu just before the 'Help' menu.
  • Fixed bug: Product launched with YtriaLauncher now displays the complete server name.
  • Fixed bug: The title of the main grid (number of replicaIDs listed and number of rows) was not updated after a server had been loaded.
  • Fixed bug: The '&' was interpreted as an underscore mark within the waiting panels of a 'Load Note Counters' and 'Load Conflict Counters' process.
  • Optimized processes related to the 'Modification Log Database' and the 'Switch ID' process.
  • Optimized processes related to the 'Modification Log Database' and the 'Full Access Admin' process.
  • Optimized code for 'Switch ID' processing.
  • Improved Installation Database: Streamlined installation process.
  • Added new Switch ID functionality. Available in the main menu.
  • Added new Restriction Settings functionality: replicationEZ can now be customized to define which functions are accessible/ inaccessible to the user.
  • Added new Modification Log Database. It is now possible to enforce a log of all modifications made by replicationEZ
  • Added new "Modification Log Comment" option. This allows input of user comments (explain who did what in your own words)
  • Added new function: Cluster Analyzer
  • Added new function: Create New Replica
  • Added new function: Conflict Counter.
  • Added new function: Find Replica on server
  • Added new function: Create Replica Stubs
  • Added new menu option: 'Export Conflicts to scanEZ' opens results of Conflict Counter in scanEZ’s Conflict Solver.
  • Enhanced management of Duplicates
  • Added new chart options for 'Discover Replicas Chart' and 'Replication History Chart': Users can check for first degree connections only, and whether they want a chart (before launching a 'Discover Replicas' process)
  • Added user definable chart parameters: 1) Types of dates to display, 2) Apply current filters, 3) Show/Hide servers added to the "Excluded Servers" list, 4) Which transition dates you want to handle.
  • Added option to type in a zoom percentage directly from the toolbar
  • Added new Console Command Dialogue. Confirms when a command process has been entered and displays the server’s response
  • Added new Time and Date filters. ( Located in the filter options at the top of each grid column.)
  • Added new Custom Formatting of both Cells and Groups. ( Located in the filter options at the top of each grid column.)
  • XML export is now available in the Grid's Export menu.
  • Added new Vertical Column Titles (F11 key) to quickly identify multiple column titles without the need to resize
  • Added new title-bar to help identify multiple open instances of replicationEZ.
  • Fixed a bug with Notes 9 where reading of the 'desktop.dsk' produced an error. This is now resolved.
  • Menus have been optimized
  • Added new Agent Comparator tool for showing differences between agents across replicas.
  • Added ‘Choose Server Group…’ menu option for loading groups of servers.
  • Added the ability to save and re-load server and database selections in the Databases panel and main grid.
  • Numerous cosmetic and performance-related bugfixes.
  • Initial release