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scanEZ / Features


Toolbar Buttons (from left to right)
Open Database
Refresh Database
Change Displayed Title
Conflicts Solver This launches the Conflict Solver tool
Document Analyzer
Replication Auditor
Post Replication Auditor
Search by Formula
Search by UNID
Quick Retrieve Contents of View or Folder
Export to file
Create new document
Create new profile document
Delete documents
Save changes on a note
Cancel changes on a note
Create New Empty Field
Create New Inherit Field
Delete item
Use field as title
Compute with Form : Apply the Form on the Document
Test a Formula on this Document
Set New Parent to Response(s)
Conflicts Solver (Opens the solver directly on the selected conflict)
Clear All [$UpdatedBy] fields in this Design Element
Share/Unshare Agent
Deselect All
Add to New Selection
Add to Current Selection
Compare documents
Delete documents
Select Using Regular Expression
The toolbar is divided into three different parts which you can move around or even hide :

Main actions

Note actions

Checkbox actions


If you accidently close a toolbar that you need, simply right-click the toolbar area, then select the missing toolbar in the contextual menu to get it back.