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Minor and major improvements, bug fixes and new features introduced in the latest releases of scanEZ.
See a clear overview of what's new in the latest version.

Release #
  • New - Automation tag functions have been expanded to include the following tags:
      • StopAutomation
      • ModifyUNID
      • CreateFolder
      • AddToFolder
      • RemoveFromFolder
  • Fixed - An issue causing the 'Open Database in Designer...' feature to malfunction has now been fixed.
  • Fixed - An issue in the Replication Auditor causing documents to remain in the grid after being deleted has been fixed.
  • Fixed – Compatibility with CIAO has been restored.
  • Fixed - Various stability fixes and enhancements have been implemented.
  • Fixed – Various issues in the 'Search & Replace' feature have been fixed:
        1- In the 'Preview' option, an item was only being searched by part of its name, not it's full name.
        2- A bug allowed unmodifiable item values to be wrongly included in 'Preview' results.
        3- Searches returned inconsistent results in successive 'Search' operations.
  • Fixed - Various broken key-command shortcuts have been restored.
  • New - scanEZ's 'Quick Retrieve Contents of View or Folder…' feature now supports multi-folder selection.
  • New – Date filters in flexYgrid columns now contain new date selection picker module.
  • New – NAB group and name exploration/selection panels ('Names') now offer additional information columns: 'Full Name', 'NoteID', and 'NAB Filename'.
  • New – 'Export to File' feature now provides a default file name when exporting to any format.
  • Fixed – Improvements to the EZ Suite installation database and process execution fix installation problems in which some users were unable to install due to target folder restrictions.
  • Fixed - Stability enhancements have been added in the Ytria Update utility.
  • Fixed – The latest LibXL architecture has been implemented for Excel file export.
  • Fixed – flexYgrid panels have gotten general stability enhancements.
  • Fixed – Various bug fixes in grid-data Copy (specifically Ctrl + C command) functions were made to remedy the following issues:
        1- Erroneous text was displayed ("Exporting selection to file...") in progress dialog when using Ctrl+C in a grid with many rows selected.
        2- A memory limitation problem was encountered using Ctrl+C to copy HTML parts to the clipboard.
  • Fixed – An issue that occurred when exporting or copying grid data to HTML format resulted in settings of '<b> X </b>' for checked checkbox cells being returned as corrupt has been corrected.
  • Fixed/New - Automation tag function fixes have been made for the following tags:
        • List and Loop
        • SetVar
        • ShellExecute (in loop)
        • FilePath
        • EditEntries
        • CopyMoveDocsToDbs
        • CopyItems
        • CreateItem
  • Fixed – Various minor issues with Group and Sort actions on group totals within flexYgrid panels have been corrected.
  • Fixed – An issue with the grid status bar summary information incorrectly showing group header row counts has been fixed.
  • All products in EZ Suite 16.5 include major changes/improvements to automation language functions, as well as other cross-product enhancements. For more information please see the page "What's New in EZ Suite 16.5?"
  • All products in EZ Suite 16 include numerous major changes/improvements, including a complete redesign of data handling/grid mechanics. For more information please see the page "What's New in EZ Suite 16?"
  • New - Open Database dialog: Option to save server names in Notes.ini for future reference, as well as manage the list.
  • Fixed - Now you can Switch ID or use Full Admin Access after trying to open a database without the proper access rights; single-database products (like scanEZ) will re-open the db, server products (like aclEZ) will keep the db in the tree to re-open. (Previously, opening a db without access rights would leave the user with a blank/ empty tool.)
  • New - Document Analyzer: Changed the scan method to properly handle 32K limit issues; now uses the Search by Note Class method.
  • Fixed - Number editing correctly handles the special Number format set in Windows.
  • Fixed regression - Was not able to edit a value if something other than a ‘.’ (period) was used as a decimal separator.
  • Fixed - Notes.ini editor: Edits were not being logged correctly in the Modification Log Database.
  • Fixed - Conflict Solver, Replication Auditor and Document Comparator: Fixed the ‘Open in Notes’ header of the comparator interface; the empty/ untitled areas were still active “buttons”, so it would open in a blank session.
  • Fixed - Search&Replace was not able to look in Author type items. The ‘Add to My Selection’ option was creating entries with errors in the selection tree.
  • Fixed - Design Collection is now used when set to get list view/folder Columns. Previously was using the Full Search by default; extremely time consuming.
  • Fixed - Replace Date/Time: The result was appending the new date/time instead of replacing the selected value.
  • Fixed - ACL editor- Check Member Presence: When changing the current database to a new server, the Check Member Presence option was not switching to use the corresponding new server NAB. (This was despite checking ‘Select NAB for Group Member…/ Use all NABs on Local’.)
  • Fixed - ACL editor: When modifying the Access property in the grid, the associated default attributes were not updated accordingly.
  • Fixed - ACL editor - Export ACL Flags and Roles: Was not using the selection correctly and was omitting some information.
  • Fixed - ACL editor: Adding a new server in an ACL was incorrectly displaying an Administration Server icon next to it.
  • New - Vastly improved version of the Modification Log template.
  • Fixed bug: Notes version for ODS 52 is now displayed correctly.
  • Fixed bug: Export to Excel from grid with grouping.
  • Fixed bug: Numbers with decimals are now handled correctly. (This was only an issue with version 12.0.5)
  • New Options: 'Append' and 'Add Non-Contiguous' in Export dialogue (also available through Automation).
  • Fixed miscellaneous issues with the export of ACL Flags and Roles.
  • Switch ID and Full Admin Access improved - now uses saved password.
  • Optimized Grid Filter.
  • New server tree right-click menu item: 'Refresh'.
  • Fixed and improved Automation & Excel Export.
  • URL created with https only when required.
  • Fixed bug when closing documents.
  • Passthru Server type connections are now properly listed in Server list dialogues.
  • Improved: 'Select a server' dialog.
  • New: 'Recent Server or DB' list is now case insensitive.
  • Fixed: 'Create Folder' issue when adding a document to newly created folder.
  • Fixed: When using a coma instead of a dot as decimal separator (ex. 1,000,000 ) certain functions (diff/value create/modify using a formula) would lose their decimals, and thereby change the resulting values.
  • New: Diff/Panel Rename/Copy - added a checkbox to allow the use of space characters within field names. If UNchecked, then all field names will be have 'space characters' trimmed.
  • Fixed: Conflict Solver - If user opens an individual conlifct, then Conlfict Solver module now correctly recongnizes and displays the single conflict; even if previously loaded and nothing was originally found. Previously, a single conflict could be loaded manually, but the Conflict Solver module would not recognize that any conflicts existed in the database.
  • Fixed: Search & Replace now correctly handles fields with the same name.
  • Fixed format issue - Windows settings are used by 'Used Space' (Properties page) all the time which prevents Number formatting discrepancies.
  • Fixed an instability when opening and closing multiple Auditors at the same time.
  • Fixed: Document Analyzer - Document Encryption counts were incorrect and inconsistent.
  • Fixed bug: Crash occurred only in IBM Notes 7 and older.
  • Added ability to close the Help Center dialog with the 'Esc' key.
  • Added new eXtensible Markup Language (XML) scripts to automate processes in the EZ Suite.
  • Added new "Load Automation XML" feature option accessible from Server or Database menu.
  • Updated java widgets to launch from IBM Notes and IBM Domino Designer.
  • Added new "Full Text Saved Searches" design category which lists Full Text Index searches, including private searches (when "Use Design Collection Note" box is not selected).
  • Enhanced Server Selection Dialog Box (with QuicK Search, etc.).
  • Enhanced NAB Presence Checker and Group Expander with option to include additional NAB databases.
  • Improved standard Regular Expression (Regex) and Formula dialog boxes with Show History button and interface. Past Regex and formulas can be selected for use or they can be deleted from the History.
  • Enhanced Open Database dialog box with Ctrl+F to find databases on selected servers, sticky display preferences (Title and/or File Name) and F3 key to find next matches.
  • Added new distinguishable icon for redirection directories in the Selection Tree for easier identification.
  • Improved Quick Search. Query is no longer limited to the sorted column, and allows subsequent selection of any column to conduct the search.
  • Added new Set Column Width option enabling the user to define the number of characters to display for the selected column.
  • Enhanced grid exporting to copy/paste grid contents in HTML, Rich Text and Simple Text formats in any word editor program or IBM Notes.
  • Enhanced group and cell formatting dialog boxes. Custom formatting of dates and numbers can be applied to both groups and cell at the same time from either dialog box.
  • Added new Register by Email option for when internet is unavailable.
  • Improved YtriaUpdate to handle Windows 7 UAC security restrictions.
  • Enhanced Names dialog box with new options.
  • Fixed Bug: Optimized code for the grid.
  • Added new native Excel options to Grid data exporting, including the use of custom, pre-formatted excel books. Supports both Excel 97-2003 and Excel 2007-2010 output file formats.
  • Added new Formula History dialogue box to display previously used formulas.
  • Enhanced User Activity feature with options to switch recording of User Activity on/off.
  • Added new naming option for Custom Columns. Accessible via "Add Custom Column" dialog box.
  • Added new parameters to document searches. User can now limit search results to a specific number of documents.
  • Improved "New Document" feature with options to set document authorship and public accessibility.
  • Added new "Search Unread Documents" feature to display and query unread documents marks for a given user. Additionally, added the ability to add or remove unread documents marks for a given user.
  • Added new Search and Replace feature spanning one or multiple documents and designs. Supports text and text like items.
  • Added new Decrypt/Encrypt feature in Document Menu to manage Notes document encryption.
  • Added new feature to change item flags for several items of one document.
  • Improved Group Navigator editing options with additional accessibility directly from the right-click menu of the main ACL grid.
  • Improved Copy/Paste feature of multiple field items with Add, Replace and Skip options when dealing with existing items.
  • Fixed bug: Stored Password management available immediately upon initialization of your Notes Session.
  • Fixed Import DXL bug: Lotus Script compilation flag was ignored and always triggered an exception.
  • Fixed bug: readers/authors tab is now correct even if multiple items with the same name but different types exist.
  • Fixed bug: In the Document Comparator, elements with the same Note ID are now displayed only once.
  • Fixed bug: Now able to save Create Documents, Delete Documents and Replicate or Copy Documents in ACL grid.
  • Fixed bug: Conflict Solver and Document Comparator now handle the Disable for Comparison check box correctly.
  • Fixed bug: In cases of multiple administration servers in one ACL, all ACL entries are now cleaned up before removing or setting a new administration server.
  • Fixed bug: When using Find All, Find First or Find Next, the resulting rows are now displayed in an expanded and visible format.
  • Fixed bug: In the Name dialogue's Address Book, loading a new NAB properly resets any current grouping.
  • Fixed bug: In the Name dialogue, when closing the Group Member List dialogue, the focus correctly returns to the grid (and not the Server List).
  • Optimized Group Explorer menu.
  • Optimized performance of the Selection Tree.
  • Added new shortcuts to the Main Grid: Shift +, Shift -, +, -, *.
  • New Address Book dialogue: includes extensive new search and filtering options.
  • Optimized Deletion Stubs contextual menu.
  • Groups that don't exist in the NAB now show up as red in the ACL Group Expander’s Tree Layout.
  • Optimization of ‘Add To/ Move To’ options in MySelection, Documents and Checkbox Selection menus.
  • Optimization of the Reponses panel.
  • Better handling of the Change Displayed Title ‘by field name’ option. Now offers all field name possibilities except those starting with a $ by default. The Other button will display all possible names or items found in the first document.
  • Deletion stub explorer now offers the ability to hard delete and restore soft deletions, and to filter the Grid by deletion stubs and soft deletions.
  • Inclusion of new design elements in Notes: Java, Jar, DB2 Access Views, Components.
  • Optimized performance of the Document Comparator and Conflict Solver
  • Optimized DIFF Panel operations: Better handling of field names starting with a space.
  • New: Added an Exclusion List for Check Member Presence. This list is created in the Notes Data folder (YtriaNABCheckerExcl.txt). If there is # in front of the item to be excluded, it will be interpreted as a regular expression.
  • Updated the Conflict Counter display format.
  • New Password option: You can now save an empty password for the currently used ID (In menu: Options/Password Options…).
  • New Documents Analyzer search options for Responses not linked properly to the Parent.
  • New Replication Auditor feature limits the number of entries. Choose to display ‘All Results’, or ‘Only replications with issues or modifications’.
  • New display of "Import from DXL" logs upon completion of the import process.
  • Minor improvement of the dxl import feature.
  • Minor bug fixes and code optimization.
  • *New! ' Extensive Search by Note Class’ feature
  • Added a progress bar when loading NAB content for Member Presence..
  • Added selection and Notes opening rows to the Conflict Solver and Replication Auditor -> Compare Docs.
  • New NAB setting: You can now specify separate NABs for Member Presence and Group Expander independently.
  • Fixed bug in the 'Group Expander' and the 'NAB Checker' : If a group did not exist in the currently processed NAB, it was not checked against the NAB checker and was always considered as non existing.
  • Added selection and Notes opening rows to the Conflict Solver and Replication Auditor -> Compare Docs.
  • Fixed bug: Crashes occurred after some 'Switch ID' processes on IDs with different rights.
  • Fixed bug: It was possible to add the same document several times while creating a new 'My Selection' from a check box selection.
  • Fixed bug: Was unable to change default NAB. "OK" button disabled.
  • Fixed bug: Adding a conflict document to a `New My Selection` is now possible with correct document icon.
  • Fixed bug: Product launched with YtriaLauncher now displays the complete server name.
  • Updated the main menu to have the 'Options' menu just before the 'Help' menu.
  • In the Database Panel, change the term 'Size:' by 'Physical Size:' to highlight the fact that we actually display the physical size and not the logical size (unlike Notes).
  • Faster handling/ loading of main tree in Windows 7.
  • Fixed bug: The 'User Activity' feature is now working in Windows XP.
  • Improvement of dialog tabs display for screens with dpi larger than 96 pp (screen resolution > 100%).
  • Optimized code in NAB Presence Checker
  • Fixed problem with ‘Check Member Presence’: the flag was not sticky.
  • Fixed bug: 'Is Mail Owner in NAB' would continue checking when there was no default NAB.
  • Fixed bug: "Document Analyzer" grid is now refreshed correctly.
  • Optimized processes related to the 'Modification Log Database' and the 'Switch ID' process.
  • Optimized processes related to the 'Modification Log Database' and the 'Full Access Admin' process.
  • Optimized code for 'Switch ID' processing.
  • Improved Installation Database: Streamlined installation process.
  • Added new Switch ID functionality.
  • Added new Restriction Settings functionality: scanEZ can now be customised to define which functions are accessible/ inaccessible to the user.
  • Added new Modification Log Database. It is now possible to enforce a log of all modifications made by scanEZ
  • Added new "Modification Log Comment" option. This allows input of user comments (explain who did what in your own words)
  • Added new NAB Checker functionality: checks if signer is present in the NAB.( Red cells indicate members missing from the NAB )
  • Added new option: Export User’s Tree Selection: Save Selection Into XML file…
    (Saves your current selection of checked documents from any My Selection Folder to an XML file.
  • Added new option: Save Selection into XML File…: exports a snapshot of all checked items from the entire selection tree to an XML file.
  • Added new option: Load Selection from XML File...: imports a snapshot of all checked items from a saved XML file
  • Added new function: Total Conflict counter. Displays both the total number of parent-conflicts, and the total number of related-conflicts per parent.
  • Added new function: Find Phantom Parent. The Document Analyser now offers the option to find all response documents whose parents are phantoms
  • Added new Select Within option which allows you to simply select a cross-section of documents when you have two folders of documents, and you need to identify the subset of documents contained in both folders.
  • Added new Time and Date filters. ( Located in the filter options at the top of each grid column.)
  • Added new Custom Formatting of both Cells and Groups. ( Located in the filter options at the top of each grid column.)
  • Added new DXL Import dialogue (Tools Menu): Includes the ability to import multiple selections at once
  • Added new Grid Actions menu to the notes.ini editor: The full range of the Grid Actions menu is now included in the notes.ini editor, including Find and Export commands.
  • XML export is now available in the Grid's Export menu.
  • Added new title-bar to help identify multiple open instances of scanEZ.
  • Fixed a bug with Notes 9 where reading of the 'desktop.dsk' produced an error. This is now resolved.
  • Menus have been optimised
  • Added new ‘Intersect with (results in new MySelection)’ option in Checkbox Selection menu
  • Renamed ‘Intersect with’ option in Checkbox Selection menu;it’s now called ‘Intersect with (results in target)’
  • Added new ‘Intersect with (results in new MySelection)’ option in Checkbox Selection menu
  • Fixed bug which prevented Ctrl+C from working for the Selection Tree and Item List
  • Enhanced ‘Add to’, ‘Move to’, ‘Remove from’, and ‘Intersect with…’ menu option to include ‘Another My Selection’ submenu, which provides access to all current ‘My Selection’ virtual folders
  • Minor cosmetic and performance-related bugfixes
  • Updated Ytria XML engine to version 2.0; many changes and enhancements were added. Old Ytria XML files are not compatible with the new engine. Documentation will be available shortly
  • Added "Copy as Application Link" which will copy the currently loaded database's application link to the clipboard. This feature is located in the Database menu
  • Added "Copy as Document link" right-click option for documents in the Selection Tree and also in the Access Control List grid
  • Added right-click options in the Selection Tree for copying UNIDs or document titles to the clipboard
  • Added "Copy as View Link" right-click options for documents in the Selection Tree
  • Added 'Refresh Note' (F9) button in toolbar
  • Fixed bug in grid-type windows where 'Sort by Count' was using the number of visible items (when a column header filter was engaged) rather than the total number of items
  • Enhanced grouped item counting feature in grid-type windows. Now when a column header filter is engaged, the number of visible items and total number of items in a grouping will both be displayed, separated by a slash character
  • Fixed a bug related to processing 'scanez://' URLs where incorrect documents could be opened
  • Added the ability to modify 'Max Internet Name and Password'
  • Added "Quick Search" (type to search) functionality to all grid-type windows
  • Improved functionality of "Open", "Save", and "Export"-type dialogs
  • Fixed sundry minor bugs related to cosmetics and performance
  • Fixed bug where 'Group by Count' was case-sensitive and would sort some items incorrectly
  • Changed name of 'Field Chooser' item in Grid-type windows to more accurate and descriptive 'Add columns to grid.'
  • Fixed a bug in 'Export to File' where the status of checkboxes was shown incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue where Modification Log databases stored outside of Notes data directory could sometimes not be found.
  • Fixed a bug where a warning dialog requesting a restart could be shown in error.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using localized (Non-English) versions of the software.
  • Sundry minor user interface improvements.
  • Fixed an issue in 'Sort by NoteID Range' where inappropriate notes could be retrieved for some documents. Background information: In some cases, four notes with different NoteIDs can be linked to the same UNID for a document; in such cases, the note with the smallest NoteID is the 'master' note (i.e. the note that can be edited; editing the other three 'non-master' notes can lead to error messages).
  • Added checkbox to "Search by NoteID Range" (unchecked by default) which offers the option of showing every NoteID linked to the same UNID (it is possible for a document's UNID to have four notes with different NoteIDs associated with it). When the box is unchecked, only the smallest NoteID or 'master' note will be shown.
  • Fixed misleading term in Conflict Solver export dialog.
  • Improved the way Deletion Stubs are shown in the selection tree and Deletion Stub Explorer (a reminder to click F9 is shown when deletion data is not available).
  • Improved 'Export to DXL' dialog terminology.
  • Added 'Move to new My Selection' options in the 'My Selection' and 'Checkbox Selection' menus.
  • Added right-click menu options for 'Add Parent(s) to My Selection' when highlighting documents or categories in Selection Tree
  • Added support for multiple NABs in scanEZ's ACL management tools
  • Added support for .xsl file extension in addition to .xslt
  • Added numerous keyboard shortcuts
  • Updated formula editor dialogs to include new preconfigured formulas introduced in Notes/Domino 8.5.3
  • Added new searches for documents or conflicts that are their own parents in the Document Analyzer
  • Added new 'Flags' and 'Class' information in Note Info panel
  • Added the ability to launch scanEZ using "scanez://" URLs in Windows XP systems
  • Added column freezing functionality in grid windows
  • Added dialog for creating, setting, or unsetting the optional Modification Log database for Ytria tools
  • Improved the Export functionality for grid windows; new options allow you to better customize how grouped information is displayed in exported files
  • Added 'sort groupings by count' option for grid windows
  • Improved window/dialog rendering to better accommodate different font sizes and foreign language localizations
  • Improved grouping grid behavior: groupings are no longer collapsed automatically
  • Fixed rare issue where false positives could be displayed in Conflict Solver
  • Fixed rarely encountered memory leak related to the 'date picker' dialog
  • Fixed rare crash related to 'Modify UNID' command
  • Fixed minor product performance, usability, display and stability issues
  • Added the ability to see and manage soft deletions
  • Improved formula history feature: the software now automatically keeps a permanent formula history which can be shared among several active instances of scanEZ
  • Improved Conflict Solver and Document Comparator interfaces: You can now set 'anchor' fields that will remain visible even after choosing to show only fields with different values
  • Added new 'MySelection' virtual folder options: When working with several MySelection folders you can choose to perform actions (ie: add to; remove from; intersect with) on 'Another MySelection'
  • Added new summary data scan: scanEZ's Document Analyzer tool can now search for documents with large amounts of summary data--handy for troubleshooting databases with Field is too large (32k)-type errors
  • Improved Notes.ini editor: New export option for NoteServer.ini and Notes.ini files
  • Improved 'Diff' Panel: Mass-modification options now offer a button that lets you choose a field from a complete list of items found in the collection of documents
  • Added change logging capabilities
  • Added new Ctrl+O keyboard shortcut for quickly switching databases
  • Added new Domino Designer integration: includes the ability to select specific design elements in the Designer client and open them directly in scanEZ. The Notes.ini Editor, the Replication Auditor, and the Post Replication Auditor tools can be opened directly in Domino Designer
  • Added new and more exhaustive Deletion Stubs scanning method—In rare instances the "original" method may not show all deletion stubs
  • Added a new notes.ini entry: YtriaUpdateFileName to handle potential Windows Vista/7 UAC issues
  • Improved tracing capabilities
  • Improved error messages—now display more specific note information
  • Fixed pop-up issues for full version users
  • Fixed issue when modifying decimal numbers
  • Fixed copy and paste issue in grouping grid
  • Fixed Teamstudio CIAO! compatibility regression
  • Added an Database > Open Database From Replica ID menu item
  • Added LotusScript Note Retrieval feature (in optional scanEZ Extension Database)
  • Added a button in database panel for transaction logging (scanEZ must be installed on the server for this to work)
  • Added contextual (right-click) Grid Action menu items for Replication Auditor grid
  • Added contextual (right-click) Grid Action menu items for Post-Replication Auditor grid
  • Improved toolbar installation process and fixed minor toolbar issues
  • Improved Conflict listing—now shows retrieved list when an error is encountered—before none were shown
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Teamstudio CIAO! Edition 25
  • Fixed the incorrect display of attachment compression method
  • Fixed looping issue when performing a search on a database
  • Fixed minor display and usability issues
  • Fixed issue when trying to save a Text List item that begins with an empty entry
  • Fixed display of decimal settings (now uses Windows settings)
  • Added date range filter in Deletion Stub Explorer
  • Added ability to open (Ctrl+Double click) documents in Notes client directly from the Conflict Solver
  • Added a progress bar when copying (Ctrl+C) 5000+ rows in grid
  • Improved Replication Auditor: Now highlights a document change based on 'Modified (In this file) after' date
  • Improved text filters in grid (now case insensitive)
  • Improved grid text filter: Must now press enter to apply the filter (previously filtered in real-time and unnecessarily slowing down the grid)
  • Grid column headers now included during a copy and paste
  • Diff > Value > Basic grid: Filters are no longer displayed at the bottom
  • Fixed minor usability and display issues in Replication Auditor and Post-Replication Auditor
  • Fixed document item list display when selecting different documents (had falsely displayed filters as enabled)
  • Fixed minor product stability issues
  • Fixed rare license key recognition issue
  • Added new DBID (database ID) features (see, edit, copy and paste)
  • Added error notification when selecting an invalid item Others... > Search/Modify Doclinks in RichText
  • Added "how to use" info in Others... > Search/Modify Doclinks in RichText window
  • Added keyboard modifier: Ctrl+Conflict Solver—selects "Show only fields with different values..."
  • Added keyboard modifier: Ctrl+(any) Search, and Add to a New MySelection—bypasses specific confirmation dialog boxes
  • Added keyboard modifier Ctrl+Open in Web Client... (to bypass Select a View or Folder window)
  • Renamed and improved visibility of "Group By This Column" contextual menu item (used to toggle grouping of columns in a grid)
  • Implemented display of username for "Breakpoint" profile documents
  • Implemented in ACL panel a ComboBox for Administration Server actions (i.e. Modify all Reader and Author fields etc.)
  • Improved YtriaUpdate download process through the use of Amazon S3/CloudFront
  • Improved error messages: Now includes the display of the active username
  • Improved Export to: Use Windows Regional settings for item separator (rather than forcing a comma)
  • Fixed Export to File formatting issue, and prevent adding an Item Separator after last item
  • Fixed minor filename extension format issues: Export to File, Export to DXL, Import DXL, and Apply an XSLT
  • Fixed checkbox issue in selection tree and enforce the clearing of a selection
  • Fixed Grouping Grid display issue with decimals
  • Fixed selection tree titles export issue when titles contained a '/'
  • Fixed minor graphical interface issues (in Export window)
  • Fixed Note saving issue with a Notes Secret Key
  • Added 'Quick Retrieve Contents of View or Folder' to menu and toolbar (previously 'Search the Contents of a View or Folder')
  • Improved Diff: Tabs available to switch between 'Set a Fixed Value' and 'Set a Value Using Formula'
  • Improved Diff: Can now mass modify "unusual items" (i.e. not text, number, date or formula) in a set of documents
  • Improved Diff: Can now mass modify items that are not the same type in a set of documents
  • Improved button text in ACL panel (now reads: Import ACL from, Export ACL to..., and Export to file...)
  • Improved Conflict Solver: Now only saves the parent document if it is changed
  • Implemented Shift + Click for multiple check box selection in tree
  • Implemented 'Local Encryption' display in the Database Panel
  • Fixed a regression in Formula History (entries were being transformed to lowercase)
  • Fixed minor product performance, usability, display and stability issues
  • Added new menu item: Maintain a list of your favorite databases
  • Added option to set a comment to be used by Teamstudio CIAO during check in/check out process
  • Added support for XPages, Custom Components, Style Kits and Server JavaScript
  • Added menu item: Tools > Search Deletion Stub
  • Added "Create Folder" button (in Folder > Add Document to Folder window)
  • Added keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+T when highlighting a category in the selection tree
  • Added keyboard shortcut: F2 for renaming a My Selection folder
  • Added keyboard modifier: Ctrl+Delete Document—selects "Do not create deletion stubs"
  • Added keyboard modifier: Ctrl+Compare—selects "Show only fields..."
  • Added keyboard modifier: Ctrl+Edit—in Change Document Title use the formula in editor window by default
  • Added keyboard modifier: Ctrl+Open in Notes—uses None by default
  • Added keyboard modifier: Ctrl+Add My Selection —uses default title for the My Selection
  • Added "Always use default settings" option when opening documents from the Notes client
  • Improved saving of "Export to file..." settings (now saves settings in all tabs)
  • Implemented ability to set a "My Selection" title before a search
  • Fixed Ctrl+C in Diff and Value grouping grid
  • Fixed a random message from appearing (offering a full product evaluation)
  • Fixed miscellaneous minor issues
  • Fixed a regression in Conflict Solver (conflict response did not appear properly)
  • Improved Conflict Solver to manage cases where the Parent document is a Conflict of itself
  • Improved product registration (specifically how Activation Codes are verified)
  • Improved copy/move of documents to another database (and added option to group error causing documents to a new MySelection folder)
  • Improved User Activity display: now uses grouping grid, displays all information including extended information (databases with ODS>=48)
  • Improved product stability
  • Prevent notes from appearing multiple times in a MySelection folder by verifying the uniqueness of the note
  • Fixed a product launch issue from an encrypted USB key
  • Fixed "Select All with Identical Displayed Titles" issue with empty tree elements
  • Fixed date display issues
  • Added re-categorization feature: "MySelection > Re-categorize Selection" with various information (default, field name, formula, and column value)
  • Added re-categorization feature: Flat option
  • Added new grouping grid capability in the multi-document Diff feature
  • Added new grouping grid capability in the multi-document Values feature
  • Added notes.ini server editing capability
  • Added preview option, when selecting a View or Folder column (for selection tree title display purposes)
  • Added new menu item "MySelection > Add x Responses to Selection"
  • Added new menu item "MySelection > Add Any Responses to Selection"
  • Added ability to use cached information (from a previous Diff) in the Values feature
  • Added "Display Only Possible Resurrections" option in Post-Replication Auditor
  • Added "Search for Deletion Stub..." feature (search for deletion stubs by UNID, NOTEID, Deletion Time etc. )
  • Added option in "Search > Search the contents of a View or Folder", to read (or not) private Views and Folders
  • Added new options: Select only first match and Skip first match in "Select All with Identical Displayed Title" feature
  • Added date formatting capability to all grouping grids
  • Renamed "Select All Duplicates" with more accurate description: "Select All with Identical Displayed Title"
  • Implemented new add-on to overcome a Note API limitation and lets you open multiple documents from any Lotus Notes view or web URLs in scanEZ—no agents required
  • Implemented in selection tree: "Help Index" and unknown design elements are categorized with "Other" designs
  • Improved and simplified product registration process
  • Improved Deletion Stub panel: Displays NOTEID in decimal AND in hexadecimal
  • Improved Deletion Stub panel: It is now displayed if a note in the MySelection has the error "Document has been deleted (549)"
  • Improved checkbox selection tree actions. Faster Add/Append/Replace to a MySelection
  • Fixed MySelection refresh (F9 key)
  • Fixed minor product performance, usability, display and stability issues
  • Added ability to open several documents at once when searching for a list of UNIDs or NoteIDs (separated by carriage returns).
  • Added button in Database Panel to show the effective access of the current user on the current database.
  • Added F1 key for Online Help Documentation.
  • Added new menu item in Help > Online Quick Start Guides (Printable).
  • Improved YtriaUpdate process.
  • Improved crash reporter.
  • Improved listing of servers that can be selected.
  • Improved mass document editing (Diff panel); document errors no longer disrupt the mass modification process.
  • Replaces (YtriaServerNamesCN) Notes Environment Variable for server list with: YtriaServerNamesCNx.
  • Fixed Ytria update bug which displayed popup even when product was up-to-date.
  • Fixed potential crash and minor issues in grid.
  • Fixed other minor miscellaneous issues.
  • Fixed minor interface and display refresh issues.
  • Fixed item update bug (which could occur when changes exceeded 32KB).
  • Fixed file extension issue related to detatching.
  • Fixed Diff panel bug could potentially freeze the application.
  • Fixed bug in "Search/Modify DocLinks" commands.
  • Fixed data display bug: Text items no longer appear as Text List items.
  • Fixed refresh issues in selection tree which would sometime occur when using the Changing Displayed Title command.
  • Fixed potential crash when modifying the ACL with Full Access Administration enabled.
  • Fixed a potential crash while using the 'Show Effective Access' command.
  • Fixed an issue which could potentially prevent some conflicts from being displayed
  • Added new feature: "DocLinks Modifier" available through "Diff > Other... > Search/Modify DocLinks in RichText...".
  • Added effective access in ACL.
  • Improved product stability and fixing potential crash issues.
  • Improved export on 50000+ items in grid.
  • Fixed "Password Options" bug issue when the user ID file is in a network (example: "\\server\path\").
  • Fixed product crash when Cancel button is pressed in a progress dialog box.
  • Fixed focus related issues in Formula Editor and document item selection.
  • Fixed bug: Incorrectly constructed URL, for "Open in NotesClient", if server has many OU (Organisation Unit), O (Organisation) and C (Country).
  • Fixed regression on signature of a document.
  • "Diff" panel buttons are now active when selecting (checkbox) Documents.
  • Teamstudio CIAO!: The name of product is now set as default comment (instead of an empty comment)
  • Fixed a potential crash resulting from "Proxy Settings" dialog box.
  • Fixed an issue where after opening a document in scanEZ from Lotus Notes, opening subsequent documents from the same database in scanEZ could result in a crash.
  • Fixed a display refresh issue in the document item list.
  • Fixed an issue related to opening a very large database in multiple sessions of scanEZ (by using Database > Open database with... > scanEZ).
  • New filtering system in grid windows.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur while exporting to file.
  • Added localization capabilities.
  • Added Full Access Administration option (Options > Full Access Administration).
  • Added duplicate document selection (Checkbox Selection > Select All Duplicates).
  • Implemented the "Call from Windows Explorer" feature (Open With).
  • Improved user interface for greater consistency and usability (re-mapping of shortcuts, improved menu, and contextual menu consistency in application).
  • Improved Note Items List: If item size is not retrieved, display an empty cell instead of "Error reading document" message.
  • Improved Note Info: Now displays the CLASS of the Note. Also, added a button to display all Note IDs.
  • Fixed Group Expander problems.
  • Manage new R8 design elements: "Wiring Properties", "Composite Applications" and "iNotes".
  • Fixed communication and license key issues in the Ytria registration system.
  • Fixed a regression, so that there is no longer a single '|' at the end of the design element names.
  • Added Compute with Form option to test the compute without saving the processed documents (with the new checkbox "Test Only, do not save document(s)").
  • Improved Documents/Notes export, can now export the "Note Type".
  • Improved Diff: Save the last Diff results for each category, and display it when the category is re-selected.
  • Improved document selection: When selecting another document, we select the same item in the new document.
  • Improved registry writing and reading for Windows Vista.
  • Fixed infinite loop bug when clicking 'No' in the "you are about to modify a design element" warning message.
  • Fixed infinite loop bug when clicking 'No' in the "cannot allowed to modify the 'UpdatedBy' and 'Revisions' fields" warning message.
  • Fixed copy/paste of a Document into the same database. The final document is not saved as "expanded" anymore.
  • Fixed a regression. When several new items are created before saving the current Note, we could only display the last created item in the 'Field Value' panel.
  • Fixed a (rare) crash when reading all the database names when the user input the name of a server manually ("Open Database" dialog).
  • Fixed copy and paste in the grid. Rows are now pasted in the order that they appear in the grid.
  • Actions in "Document" and "CheckBox Selection" now ask to save the current modified document if necessary.
  • When modifiying an item value, you can't quit the 'field value' panel if the new value isn't correct.
  • Fixed 'UngroupAll' option in grouping grid (interfered with current sort).
  • Fixed possible 'Compute With Form' crash. After a computation, if any problem on a just-computed document/profile occured saving the document/profile could crash the application.
  • Fixed bug: when modifiying a date with the wrong format in the item list, gave an infinite loop error.
  • Added menu item "Database > Options > Customize Design Element Display".
  • ACL Grid: Fixed regression bug with the Access Level column.
  • Fixed saving formula/regular expression bugs.
  • Added grouping feature to the items list (Ctrl+C also added).
  • Fixed the bug in group expander where a group was displayed as empty when the group had one element.
  • Added inter-product launch feature is now available: Database > Open database with…
  • Improved thread error detection.
  • Replication Auditor: Fixed a filter bug. (an audit would make the filters re-appear)
  • Fixed a crash when refreshing a modified item; 'Cancel' would cause a crash.
  • Fixed minor bug and potential crash issues: Diff, Deletion Stubs Explorer, scanEZMulti
  • Implemented a brand new tool: Tools > Deletion Stubs Explorer…
  • Implemented a new and improved Document Analyzer.
  • Implemented formula editor features in all formula boxes.
  • Added command line option to open multiple documents (and put them in a "MySelection") from a list of NOTEIDs or UNIDs.
  • Added a button in the field value tab to analyze the signature of the "TYPE_SIGNATURE" item.
  • Added "Show Filters" button for Replication Auditor and Post-Replication Auditor.
  • Added several enhancements to windows with grouping functionality:
  • Added filters (with contextual items), search in a column with "Find All" or a ‘Find First" (removed "Find All in column’ search option).
  • Added ‘Database> Themes > Reset to Default…’ menu item.
  • Improved display of design element titles; now consistent throughout scanEZ (shows language too).
  • Improved handling of corrupted formulas (formulas that cannot be decompiled)
  • Changed installation of scanEZMulti agent. Accessible via the menu "Tools > Multi Selection Installation...".
  • Sorting columns is now case insensitive
  • 'Select All' and 'Export' options are available in the right-click menu
  • Fixed a bug, when a new regular expression is inserted in the history, all others were set to lower case.
  • Fixed a bug, where the formula evaluation interprets '@NewLine' incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug, when a new formula is inserted in the history, all others were set to lower case.
  • Added a regular expression history. You can now re-use the last 100 valid regular expressions you entered.
  • Added a regular expression save function.
  • Added formula editing features (auto complete, formula color scheme).
  • Added a formula history. You can now re-use the last 100 valid formulas you entered.
  • Added a number of enhancements that make scanEZ run faster, use less CPU time and use memory more efficiently.
  • Added a number of enhancements to the export function.
  • Added a number of interface enhancements to the ACL module, including a new grouping feature.
  • Added a new option for CIAO! users to keep notes checked out.
  • Implemented a new, more user-friendly registration process.
  • Enhanced the Conflict Solver interface. After a conflict has been solved, the next conflict will now be selected rather than the first one.
  • Enhanced the Deletion Stub panel: Now it displays much more information.
  • Fixed an issue when exporting Deletion Stub information.
  • Fixed a memory leak.
  • Fixed an issue with licence validation.
  • Fixed a bug related to "Mixed Groups" in the ACL module.
  • Improved stability of the Post Replication Auditor.
  • Installation Database: fixed an issue with Toolbar installation. Added 2 new support item in Action menu regarding Toolbar management.
  • Database size is not set automaticaly when scanEZ is opened: reduce the launching time on big database.
  • Implemented a new tool: Post Replication Auditor, to find old documents previously deleted resurecting in the database
  • Implemented selection using regular expression in the navigation tree (accessible in "CheckBox Selection > Select using regular expression...")
  • Replication Auditor: Improved functionality in the properties grid (insertion, grouping, sorting)
  • Replication Auditor: Can now export just a selection from the grid
  • Replication Auditor: Added the contextual menu item "Add to Current MySelection".
  • Support the "Don't Support Specialized Response Hierarchy" option in the database when handling Conflicts.
  • Improved the "Search > Search by NoteID Range": now will show even notes with any error (like the "32Kb summary limit" one)
  • Fixed an issue in "Search > Search by Formula...": now accept the use of non-simple-characters in a formula.
  • Fixed an issue when exporting Deletions Stubs info: added a header line to the file
  • First level of improvement when exporting documents to a text file. (second level of improvement to come soon)
  • Any export (HTML or text) can be done using an ASCII or UNICODE file format (was forcing Unicode format).
  • New selection tool: "Checkbox Selection > Intersect with Current 'MySelection'": Replace the current 'My Selection' with the intersection between your current 'My Selection' and your checkboxes selection.
  • Application window is now "sticky" (remembers its position and size when closed)
  • Groupable Grid: When grouped, count the number of children and display text for checkboxes
  • Fixed product freeze when clicking a button in the formula dialog box (in Diff > Modify or Create)
  • Fixed crash handling dump files after Unicode transformation
  • Replication Auditor: Use a simpler and faster dialog box to select a replica server
  • Implemented Unicode Standard
  • Implemented updated interface for a new "look and feel"
  • Implemented new "Themes" capability to change the look of the interface
  • Added Tools > Export to/Import from DXL file
  • Added "Word Variant" and "Fuzzy" option to Full Text Search
  • Added Tools > Apply a Xslt
  • Added document deletion without creating deletion stubs (by checking the option)
  • Improved selecting an Address Book: list of servers/Address Books are available (can set/unset default AddressBook server for Ytria products)
  • Improved Saved Formula, now saved in a new file (.sfd) and new format
  • Fixed inifinite loop problem in the binary editor of an item (after pressing a key)
  • Fixed regression when saving a document after modifying one of its items
  • Fixed keyboard navigation in the Selection Tree
  • Fixed modifying the ACL entry of the Administration Server (does not remove the Administration Server anymore)
  • ACL: "Show Group Members" menu item by default will read AddressBook information from the same server as the current database
  • Explorer: Sort Numbers, Dates or Texts (when using "Change Displayed Title" with a document field or formula)
  • Explorer: Fixed none fatal error when exporting documents, deletion stubs...
  • Deletion Stubs: Now displays and sorts deleted date (ie. "LastModification InThisFile")
  • Document Compare: Now displays the "Created Initially" date
  • Conflict Solver: Fixed display bug when turning on/off "Show only fields with different values"
  • Conflict Solver: Now displays the "Created Initially" date
  • Conflict Solver: Added the ability to export
  • Replication Auditor: Selecting an entry in the history will set the replica server (the "modified since" info is still set, as before)
  • Replication Auditor: "Add to New MySelection" mouse menu item is enabled/disabled when needed
  • Export: Added export of document dates (Created Initially, Created InThisFile, Modified Initially and Modified InThisFile)
  • Export: Now exports all values of multiple fields
  • Known Issues: Grid lines on document view are not displayed properly when scrolling with middle mouse scroll button
  • Replication Auditor: Fixed "out of bound" index bug, crashed when analyzing replica information
  • Replication Auditor: New rule for special Design Elements ("ACL Note", "About Database", "Database Icon")
  • Replication Auditor: New rule for Document with zero SeqNum (for "handler" Parent Documents)
  • Fixed a bug when reading all design elements in a database on a R5.0.8 (and below) server
  • Introduced new "roaming license" capability
  • Manage a new special version of "ndbciao.dll" (v22A special). Teamstudio v22A and v22 are still unsupported here
  • Replication Auditor: Added "Add to New 'MySelection'" item in the right-click menu
  • Enabled "Add to New 'MySelection'" in right-click menu of the Values (Diff) window
  • Fixed a signature corruption that can only be seen by the Designer
  • Fixed the "-Default-" entry in ACL (now cannot delete, rename, or change type as it is in Notes)
  • Fixed ACL corruption ACL when setting an Administrator Server
  • Fixed potential crash when trying to open a database when the current ACL has been modified
  • Fixed error when closing scanEZ with a combo menu displayed (in the ACL)
  • Fixed modifying flags for a Composite/RichText item
  • Improved consistency of "Add to New MySelection", "Append to Current MySelection", "Replace Current MySelection"; also "Append" no longer "replaces"
  • Improved stability, speed, and error checking in the "Search by NoteID Range" dialog box
  • Optimized the document insertion of search results for "Search > Search by NoteID Range"
  • Selecting a Design, Document, or Profile now makes the "My Selection > Add to New (or Current) 'MySelection'" option available
  • In "My Selection" menu, "Remove from Selection" is now beneath "Set as Current Selection"
  • Improved CIAO! Configuration Database detection
  • Improved Replicator Auditor: Allow multi-selection document actions from right-click menu
  • Improved Replicator Auditor: Added the "Created (Initially)" column
  • Added "Database > Options > Force when Saving Documents" menu item (“on” by default)
  • Improved ability to delete Categories and Collections (using Delete key)
  • Improved menu item organization
  • Fixed regression to retain sort after inserting in a new MySelection
  • "Remove from Current 'MySelection'" now available in right click menu
  • Added new "Document > Open in Designer..." function
  • Added new "Search > Search by NoteID Range..." function
  • Display number of Parent/Responses in the "Responses" Tab header
  • Fixed the initialization of CIAO! when its configuration path contains a '!' character
  • Re-organized the My Selection menu: "Add to New MySelection", "Add to Current MySelection" and "Remove from MySelection"
  • Re-organized right-click menu
  • Automatically refresh the "Displayed Title" of the selected Note after a modification
  • Optimized "Open Database" dialog box
  • Improved "Document > New/Get Profile Document..." dialog box by adding drop down and Address Book... button
  • Show number of documents (not fields) in Document Analyzer search for "Document contains author/reader field(s)"
  • Added option to create a folder, if necessary (i.e. no folder exists), when performing Add Document to Folder... action
  • Conflicts Solver toolbar button enables, when a parent document is selected in the Conflicts category
  • Set more precise limits when saving a: Text, Composite, Outline, ViewFormat and Collation item
  • Larger limits when saving a: Text, Composite, Outline, ViewFormat and Collation item. Normally 64K, and 32K if the item is Summarized
  • Fixed crash with the Compare dialog box
  • Any errors during the Diff operation does not stop the Diff
  • Only valid conflicts are displayed in the ConflictsSolver to prevent unmanaged situations
  • Display more information in the Note Info panel
  • Moved contextual document buttons to the toolbar
  • New menu items "Database > Options > Date Format > XXX" to display Notes dates with or without time zone
  • Improved and optimized the deletion of many Documents
  • Fixed registration problem when C: drive does not exist
  • Fixed bug: License key becomes "invalid" when cancelling a "Check for Update"
  • Fixed password prompt (DOS window) when CIAO is installed and its database is on a remote server
  • Fixed a potential crash (also creates Ytria dump files) when solving a conflict in some specials circumstances
  • Lotus Notes and Domino 7 compliant
  • Introduced opening of documents in a single instance of scanEZ (no longer need to open multiple copies of scanEZ)
  • New Compare Rich Text and MIME feature
  • New capability to open a document in the Notes Client
  • New crash reporting capability (crash log)
  • Improved conflict solving; can now solve individual conflicts instantly, w/o searching entire database first (can be time consuming)
  • Improved compatibility with document locking
  • Improved handling of complex Notes environment configurations
  • Improved Document Compare tool to display the same titles as the document explorer
  • Improved Refresh (F9 key), still shows any Change Displayed Title
  • Improved Search by Formula: works with accented characters
  • Improved mass column resizing while holding down CTRL (Conflict Solver/Compare)
  • Fixed potential crash when displaying a Design with a bad CDActionExt structure
  • Fixed Replication Auditor list (was showing design elements that are never replicated)
  • Fixed display type of the selected item
  • Fixed possible crash when the date in the "Date Picker" dialog is invalid
  • Fixed Replication Auditor "Reader" Designs problem
  • Fixed regression of displaying Text, Numbers, and Date as a list
  • Improved info display on comparison of "Composite" or "$FILE" items (CRC32 for "Composite", file name and file size for "$FILE")
  • Improved display of a "multiple" "Composite" item in the Conflict Solver
  • Improved display speed of the "View Formulas" list in the Formulas dialog (it was slow when a database has more then 20 Views)
  • Fixed problems with accented and special characters in Replication Auditor
  • Fixed the display of a "multiple" item, in "Advanced mode" and "Display mode"
  • Fixed switching between the "Show only the different values" in the Comparator (when opened from the Replication Auditor)
  • Fixed the detection of a possible conflict between two documents in the Replication Auditor
  • Fixed problems with accented and special characters when displaying "MIME" items
  • Fixed potential crash when using the "Read Private Design Elements (Views and Folders)" option on a database (when it's on a Domino 4.6 server); only design elements are shown
  • Fixed problems with the proxy settings and the connection test in the "Proxy Settings" dialog.
  • Introduced the Replication Auditor, revealing the details of Lotus Notes database replications
  • Improved handling of "Change displayed titles" when using a formula ("Insufficient memory" error)
  • Fixed management of signatures for sections on a document
  • Fixed document date display
  • Fixed loss of check box selections when switching display mode ("Show only fields with different values between documents")
  • Introduced field value compare feature in the Conflict Solver Comparator (by double-clicking a field)
  • Introduced ability to print from the Conflict Solver and Comparator features
  • Introduced search options for deletion stubs
  • Improved management of formula evaluations (when the result is an error)
  • Improved the management of proxy settings
  • Fixed "Search contents of a View and Folder" regression
  • Fixed editable texts (CRichEdit control) from changing alignment and from disappearing (sometimes occurs when pressing ESC)
  • Placed further restrictions on the Conflict Solver, Diff, and Comparator features (Free Version only)
  • Installation for Notes Beta 7 is now available
  • Vastly improved read and insertion performance
    (Example: Using older versions of scanEZ, a database with 60,000 documents can take over 2 hours to be read and inserted. Now, scanEZ takes 10 seconds for the same operation. Exponential increase in performance, especially for huge databases!)
  • Introduced the ability to Modify the UNID of a document
  • Introduced a new toolbar for checkboxed documents
  • Introduced ability to directly perform a DIFF on a Design collection
  • Introduced ability to open email documents with Mime and RFC822.
  • Numbers are now displayed with the same precision as Notes
  • Fixed Search in a View
  • Fixed document collection display refresh problem (some collections would disappear)
  • Fixed document size display
  • Introduced automatic on-line software update for installing the latest software releases from Ytria
  • Administrative access to a PC no longer needed for installation
  • Fixed potential installation errors
  • Fixed a potential crash when using the Conflict Solver on items with the same name
  • Improved usability of the Conflict Solver. Attachment and rich-text file sizes are displayed.
  • Improved control over document editing
  • Expanded Toolbar and Short-cut keys
  • New "Compare" tool to complement the "Diff" function
  • Fixed minor "Full Text Search problems"