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This log is a "trace" log that you must manually enable by adding the following line in your notes.ini file:

YtriaEnableTrace=<path>Where <path> is the path and name of the trace file. (i.e.: C:\notes\YtriaTrace.log)

The log file will be created when any one of the Ytria tools is launched.

NoteIn the event that a log is becoming too big and surpassing its size limit (usually a few Megabytes), it will automatically initiate a new log in sequence.
This will rotate among a maximum of 5 files (Ex: YtriaTrace.log, YtriaTrace1.log, YtriaTrace2.log ...).

You can move these logs in order to backup or delete the YtriaTrace1.log, YtriaTrace2.log ...
However, if you want to do the same with the YtriaTrace.log, you must first close all your Ytria applications.
Since this file is used to log the applications, it is locked when one of them is open.

Whenever an error occurs, you can turn the trace on, use the tool and go through the steps that created the issue, and then send us the trace file.