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Before you begin:

This script is part of a series designed to help you understand your IBM Notes and Domino environment for consolidation, be it for an imminent migration or for routine maintenance.
If you want to learn more about how Ytria's automation scripts function, see our automation basics help page.

For single databases:

Step 1 Copy/paste the script below into any text editor, and save your file in XML format.
Step 2 Open scanEZ and select the 'Database > Load Automation File' option.
Step 3 Find and select the XML file you just saved, and then click 'Open.'

For multiple databases:

Step 1 Copy/paste the script below into any text editor, change your values as needed, and save your file in XML format.
Step 2 Open databaseEZ and load your server.
Step 3 Select the databases you want to scan for profiles documents, right-click and select the option 'Execute Automation File on...' from the context menu, choose scanEZ from the list, select the servers you want to analyze, and then click 'OK'.
Step 4 Finally, find and select the XML file you just saved, and then click 'Open.'

Here is the script:

<ytriaAutomation Application="scanEZ" ApplicationVersion="16.5">
<!--This line will set the script's behavior when encountering an error. In this case, it will continue.-->
<onerror continue="true"/>
<!--The following List is named 'TreeOptions'. It defines the Document Analyzer categories that will be checked.-->
<list name="TreeOptions" Action="setVar" Option="CategoryEncryptionSecret"/>
<list name="TreeOptions" Action="setVar" Option="CategoryEncryptionPublicListed"/>
<list name="TreeOptions" Action="setVar" Option="CategoryEncryptionPublicUnListed"/>
<!--The following Loop will iterate over all lines in the List 'TreeOptions'. If an error is encountered,
the process will move on to next line in the List. For each line the Document Analyzer will process
documents only using the criteria set in the variable of the corresponding List line. A set of If
tests will be carried out to check if data has been found in the Document Analyzer.-->
<loop list="TreeOptions" OnError="Next">
<echo value="#### {%Option%}"/>
<!--The following variable, 'hasData', is set to 'no' as a base condition against which a
quantity of data found can be compared to.-->
<setvar hasData="no"/>
<DocumentAnalyzer KeepAlive="false">
<SetParam field="DesignElements" value="false"/>
<SetParam field="Documents" value="true"/>
<SetParam field="TreeOptions" value="{%Option%}"/>
<Select Lines="All"/>
<!--Here, an If condition will test to see if anything has been found in the Document Analyzer search.
If any data has been found, the visible row count will be more than 0, and thus the variable 'hasData'
will be set to 'yes' for later use. All documents found will be placed in a virtual My Selection folder.-->
<if target="DocAnalyzerGrid" test="VisibleRowsCount" Mode="NotEquals" Value="0">
<setvar hasData="yes"/>
<Setparam Field="MySelectionName" Value="Selection of {%Option%}"/>
<Setparam Field="TitleOptionType" Value="Formula"/>
<Setparam Field="TitleOptionFormula" Value="&quot;{%Option%}&quot;"/>
<!--The following If condition states that if the variable 'hasData' equals 'yes', data has been found
and thus the following processes can be carried out. If it has not been set to "yes", there will be
no attempt at processing.-->
<if target="var" test="{%hasData%}" mode="equals" value="yes">
<Select target="Tree" Category="Selection of {%Option%}"/>
<Focus target="Tree" Category="Selection of {%Option%}"/>
<echo value="**** {%Option%}"/>
<!--Here, a Values operation will be carried out on the focused My Selection folder. Values for
the Subject field, Database Path, and UNID will be added to the grid. All of this information will
be then exported to an Excel file where each type of encryption status infomation will be reported
on a separate page. The report will be saved in the same location as this XML file.-->
<ShowTypeColumns value="false"/>
<SetParam Target="SelectDocumentItems" Field="AddItem" value="Subject"/>
<AddCustomColumn name="Database Path">
<SetParam field="TitleOptionType" Value="Formula"/>
<SetParam field="TitleOptionFormula" Value="@Implode(@DbName;&quot;!!&quot;)"/>
<AddCustomColumn name="Document UNID">
<SetParam field="TitleOptionType" Value="System"/>
<SetParam field="TitleOptionSystem" Value="UNID"/>
<SetParam field="FilePath" value="EncryptedMails.xlsx"/>
<SetParam field="SelectedRowsOnly" value="false"/>
<SetParam field="ExportType" value="Excel"/>
<SetParam field="Mode" value="AppendRows"/>
<SetParam field="ExcelSheetName" value="{%Option%}"/>
<SetParam field="OpenFileOnceGenerated" value="False"/>