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Is there a way to modify the access levels of multiple ACL entries at once in IBM Notes?


What we can say is that aclEZ makes this job a question of literally only a few clicks. Here's how.

Before you begin:

This process assumes that you have already loaded a server and the appropriate databases in aclEZ. See this simple tutorial to learn how to load a server in aclEZ. Note that in this process you may only set 1 access level/permission selection per batch of ACL entries selected. If you want to set multiple different access levels, just repeat the steps as shown.-
Image of aclEZ's main grid and Attributes panel with an access level selected. Step 1 In the main grid, select the ACL entries that you want to modify.
You can select ACL entries belonging to multiple ACLs if you want. Just keep in mind that this process sets your chosen attributes for all selected ACL entries at once. Choose ACL entries accordingly.
Step 2 Click the 'Attributes' tab to display the Attributes panel (if not already displayed).
Step 3 From the 'Access' drop-down list, select the access level that you want to set for the ACL entries.
You may also modify the permissions for the batch of ACL entries. If you don't modify anything, they will stay as is.
Step 4 Click 'Apply'.
Your modifications will be reflected in the main grid but they will not yet be saved.
Image of aclEZ's interface with the Apply Changes option selected.Step 5 To save your modifications, click the 'Server > Apply Changes' option or use Ctrl + S.