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I need to change the access levels for a bunch of IBM Notes mailbox owners. What's the easiest way to do this?


There is an easy way to do this in aclEZ. In fact, you can do this for any number of mailbox owners on a server in only a few steps. Here's how to do it.

Before you begin:

This process assumes that you have already loaded a server in aclEZ's main grid. See this simple tutorial to learn how to load a server.

Isolate mailbox owners

aclEZ's main grid grouped by the column Mail Owner, and the category expanded. Step 1 Group the main grid data by the column 'Mail Owner'.
Step 2 Collapse all categories by clicking the corresponding toolbar button or by using Shift + -.
Step 3 Expand the category 'Mail Owner'.

Set access level

aclEZ's main grid with some ACL entries selected, access level set in Attributes.Step 4 Choose the mail owners whose access level you want to set to a given level.
You may choose more than one mail owner entry at once, but you may only set one access level per operation. To set different access levels in this manner, repeat steps 4–8.
Step 5 Select the 'Attributes' panel by clicking its tab.
If this tab is not displayed, make sure it is checked in the 'Panels' menu at the top of aclEZ.
Step 6 Click the 'Access' drop-down list box, and select the access level that you wish to set.
Image of aclEZ's Attributes panel showing the different permissions available to set. Step 7 Once you have selected the access level you want to set, you can modify specific permission attributes by selecting or deselecting the desired attribute checkboxes.
Step 8 Click 'Apply'. This will apply, but not save, your changes.

Save your modifications

Image of aclEZ's interface with the Apply Changes option selected. Step 9 The modified mail owner entries will now be indicated with a 'Edited' icon.
Step 10 Apply your changes by selecting the 'Apply Changes' option from the 'Server' menu.