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I need to add an ACL entry to a few databases. The thing is, it's already created in another database. Is there a way to just find that entry, copy it, and then add it to other databases?


This is easy to do in aclEZ thanks to a powerful feature that basically works like a "copy/paste" for ACL entries. It really is just a couple clicks to copy an ACL entry to any number of databases on a server. Here's how to do it.

Before you begin:

This feature will only work on databases/ACL entries that are loaded into the main grid. See this simple tutorial to learn how to load databases in aclEZ.

Find desired ACLs

Image of aclEZ's main grid with ACL selected, readying to copy.Step 1 Select the "good" ACL entries (you can select multiple entries at once, if you choose) you would like to copy.
Step 2 From the context menu, select the option 'Copy Selected ACL Entries to…' (or use Ctrl + E).
This will not edit anything yet. It will open the "Copy Elements" panel where you will be able to check if your selected entries are present in other databases.

Determine where the ACLs are missing

Image of aclEZ's Copy Elements dialog, where you can see which databases are missing ACL.Step 3 Group the data in this panel by the column header 'Presence'.
Step 4 Collapse all groups (if they aren't already) by clicking the corresponding toolbar button, or by using Shift + -.
Step 5 Expand the group header labelled 'Unchecked'. All databases within this group lack any of the entries you have selected.
In cases where you have selected more than one entry, there may be a third group label: 'Partially Checked'. Databases listed in this group contain at least one of your selected entries. However, there is no way to discern which of these entries they contain within this grid panel.

Select which databases to copy ACLs to

Image of aclEZ Copy Elements dialog with databases selected to recieve ACL.Step 6 Choose the databases that you want to copy your selected entries to by checking the 'Copy To' boxes in the appropriate rows in the grid.
Step 7 Click 'OK'.

Save your modifications

Image of aclEZ's interface with the Apply Changes option selected.Step 8 Note that your changes are reflected in the main grid; a 'Created' symbol will show for the corresponding entry in the column 'Status'.
Step 9 To save your changes, select the option 'Apply Changes' from the 'Server' menu or use Ctrl + S.