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How can I see the difference between Data and Non-Data user activity instances in my databases?


Once you have analyzed user activity in databaseEZ's User Activity Analyzer, a few simple steps can show you totals for many different types of activity instances.

Before you begin

The steps in this article are to be completed once you've analyzed your databases through the User Activity Analyzer. These steps are explained in the article in response to the question "How can I find out when my databases were accessed last?".
Furthermore, the process shown here assumes (though not mandatory) that you're focusing only on the activity of actual users (e.g. not servers).

See the total of Data and Non-Data activity instances

Image of User Activity panel and grid manager in databaseEZ, organizing data by database and activity.Step 1 With the user activity analysis completed, click on the Grid Manager icon located in the flexYgrid toolbar.
Step 2 Identify which types of activity you want to see the totals for by locating the column names found in the 'Activity Info' section of the Grid Manager list. Make sure you desired columns are currently shown in the grid.
Step 3 Once you've decided which info you want to see, select the total type for each info type by clicking its drop-down list found in the Grid Manager column 'Group Totals'.
Image of the Grid Manager in the User Activity panel, all Group Totals set to Sum.For the sake of this example, Group Totals for all 'Data' and 'Non-Data' activity types have been set to 'Sum'.
Image of databaseEZ's User Activity panel showing the totals for all types of User Activity.You will now see the total amount of instances of all selected activity types indicated on their grouped grid entries.