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I have to find all agent errors on my IBM Domino servers, but I want to concentrate only on enabled agents. Can agentEZ help with this?


Yes it can. It's really a question of a couple simple steps to see detailed agent log information for all enabled agents, and then pare down the information to show errors. Here's how to do it.

Before you begin:

There are a few different ways that you can open agentEZ. In this example, we'll assume that you have already loaded the server/databases that you want to analyze. See this simple tutorial to learn how to open a server in agentEZ.

Show agent log information for selected agents

Image of agentEZ's main grid, data grouped by the column Enable and the category expanded.Step 1 Group your loaded grid data by the column header 'Enable'.
Step 2 Collapse all groups by selecting the corresponding toolbar button, or by using Shift + -
Step 3 Expand the category "Checked".
Image of agentEZ's main screen with Enabled agents selected, ready to access the agent log.Step 4 Select all agents in the "Checked" category as these agents are enabled, they will have information in the agent log.
Step 5 Then select 'Show Agent Log…' from the context menu.

Isolate agent errors

Image of agentEZ's Agent Log grid with a text filter being applied on the Log Entry.Step 6 In the resulting Agent log grid, activate filters on the column "Log Entry".
Step 7 Choose 'Text Filters'.
Step 8 In 'Log Entry contains:' enter "Error".
Image of agentEZ's Agent Log grid filtered to show only errors.Step 9 The only entries left within the grid will be those that contain the string "Error". From here it's easy to discern what entries correspond to an agent error.
You may want to report these findings. If so, simply copy/paste the grid data into a file of your choice, or use one of the pre-formatted export types.
Step 10 To finish the process, click 'Done'.