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I found out that a database was set to not replicate. How can I be sure that there aren't any other databases and replicas like this?


replicationEZ instantly shows you which databases and replicas are set not to replicate All you need to do is load your servers. Here's where you'll find the information.

Before you begin:

This process assumes that you have already loaded servers in replicationEZ's main grid. See this simple tutorial to learn how to load servers in replicationEZ.
For this example, we'll use three servers. However, you can load as many as you want.

Which databases are set to not replicate?

Image of replicationEZ's main grid categorized to show which databases Do Not Replicate. Step 1 Once your servers are loaded, group your data in the main grid by the column 'Do Not Replicate'.
Step 2 Collapse all categories by clicking the corresponding toolbar button or by using Shift + -.
Step 3 Expand the category 'Checked'. All databases and replicas under this category are set to not replicate.