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I need to find all design elements that have been signed by signers who have left the company. Is this possible?


Yes! By using signEZ to audit databases for all their design element signatures you can find out which need to be resigned in no time. You can also repeat this across multiple servers, but first let's see how to do it on a single database.
Here's how to do it.

Before you begin:

There are a few different ways that you can open signEZ. In this example we'll assume that you know how to get to the database that you want to analyze. See this short tutorial to learn how to open a database in signEZ..

Audit a single databases design element signatures

Image of signEZ's design element tree interface. Step 1 Once you have selected the design elements you want to include in your audit (in this example we have left the default setting: all design elements within the database), click the 'Settings' tab.
Image of signEZ's Settings tab, ready to carry out signature audit. Step 2 Click the 'Audit' radio button.
By default, 'Audit my design elements' will be selected in the 'Audit options' section. Be sure this is selected.
Step 3 Click 'Audit' at the bottom of the dialog.

Find all designs signed by users who aren't in the NAB

Image of signEZ's audit results grid, categorized to show signers who aren't in the NAB. Step 4 In the resulting grid, group your data by the column 'Is Signed By in NAB'.
Step 5 Collapse all the categories in the grid by clicking the corresponding toolbar button, or by using Shift + -.
Step 6 Expand only the category named 'Unchecked'. These are all the designs that are signed by someone who is not in the NAB.

Optional: Get a breakdown of all these designs by signer

Image of signEZ's audit results grid showing a more precise analyisis by signer name. Step 7 Continuing on from the state of your grid attained in step 6, simply add another grouping, this time using the column 'Signed By'.
Step 8 The designs under the category 'Unchecked' will now be broken down further by the signer name.