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There are a lot of groups in my organization's NAB (Names and Address Book). How can I find out which groups are empty?


aclEZ contains a built-in tool called the NAB Group Navigator that lets you quickly find empty groups, and clean them out. Here's how to find them.

Before you begin:

This process assumes that you have already loaded a server in aclEZ's main grid. See this simple tutorial to learn how to load a server in aclEZ.

Image of aclEZ's main screen with the NAB Group Navigator option selected.Step 1 Open the NAB Group Navigator by selecting the 'Tools > NAB Group Navigator…' option from the top menu.
Image of aclEZ's NAB Groupd Navigator dialog, showing the available filters and options.Step 2 Choose a server from the 'Server' drop-down menu.
Step 3 Choose which NAB to explore.
Step 4 Check the 'Empty Groups' filter option, found in the 'Additional Filters' filter group.
Step 5 Click 'Load'.
Image of aclEZ's NAB Group Navigator showing all empty groups on a server. Step 6 Empty groups will be shown in both the 'Tree Layout' and the 'Grid Layout'. You can choose which layout to work with by clicking its tab.
Image of aclEZ's NAB Group Navigator showing the option to open group in Notes client.Step 9 To deal accordingly with a group, right-click the desired group and select the option to open in your Notes client.
This option is available in both tree and grid layouts.