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I have a lot of IBM Domino servers, so keeping a handle on it is a pretty big job. Do the EZ Suite tools let me see what is replicating where?


We have a specific product called replicationEZ that will do exactly that, all while giving you a bunch of relevant information about —it's really fast too. Here's what you need to do.

Before you begin:

This process assumes that you have already loaded servers in replicationEZ's main grid. See this simple tutorial to learn how to load servers in replicationEZ.
For this example, we'll use three servers. However, you can load as many as you want.

A quick overview of replicas and duplicates at a glance

The main grid in replicationEZ showing duplicate databases and replicas.Step 1 Once your servers are loaded, group your data in the main grid by the column 'Number of Replicas'.
Step 2 Collapse all categories by clicking the corresponding toolbar button or by using Shift + -.
Step 3 You can now see total number of databases replicating to a given number of servers. Note that the number of duplicate replicas found is also indicated. Expand the category of your choice for more detailed information.

Where are replicas present?

The main grid in replicationEZ indicating where replicas are present.For this example, we have unset all groupings.
Step 4 Keep note of how many servers that are loaded and find the column 'Number of Replicas'. This will tell you how many replicas of a given database were found across all loaded servers.
Step 5 A number of replicas value that is less than the loaded server count indicates that replicas for a given database are not present on all servers. If the replica is present on a loaded server, its information will be shown in the grid within the corresponding the columns.