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In this short tutorial, we'll look at a few different ways you can open scanEZ.

Before you begin:

Opening a selection of multiple documents requires installation of the scanEZ Extension database.
Download the scanEZ extension database here.

Open scanEZ on a database selected in your Notes client's Workspace.

IBM Notes client Workspace with a database selected and the scanEZ icon being clicked.Step 1 On your Notes client's Workspace area, click your chosen database (or have it open).
Step 2 Click the scanEZ icon in the Ytria toolbar.
scanEZ screen showing the selected database loaded in the design selection tree.Step 3 Your selected database is now loaded in scanEZ.

Open scanEZ on a single document from within a Notes database.

IBM Notes mail file open with one email document selectedStep 1 Select your document.
Step 2 Click the scanEZ icon in the Ytria toolbar.
scanEZ screen showing the database loaded and the selected document placed in a virtual folder. Step 3 The database is now loaded in scanEZ and the document you has been placed in a virtual My Selection folder.

Open scanEZ on selection of multiple documents from within a Notes database.

Requires scanEZ Extension Database.

An open IBM Notes database with multiple documents selected and the scanEZ multi-dll selected.Step 1 With a database opened, select your documents.
Step 2 Choose the option 'Actions > Open selected document(s) in scanEZ…' from the main menu in your Notes client.
A scanEZ dialog showing the choice of displayed title options, the default option selected.Step 3 Choose the type of title information you prefer for the design tree (on the left of the scanEZ interface).
For this example, we'll choose the 'Default Title' option.
Step 4 Click 'OK'.
A scanEZ screen showing the selected documents loaded into a virtual My Selection folder.Step 5 The database will be loaded in scanEZ and your selected documents will be shown in a virtual 'My Selection' folder.

Change databases once scanEZ is already open.

A scanEZ screen showing the open database option.Step 1 Choose the 'Database > Open Database…' option from the top menu, or use Ctrl + O.
An image of the scanEZ Open Database dialog with on database selected.Step 2 Choose your desired server.
Step 3 Select a database.
Step 4 Click 'OK'.