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I need to modify calendar profiles. How do I do that?


scanEZ provides an easy way to see and modify any of the items/fields in the calendar profile (or any document for that matter) of a database. Here's how to modify a field value.

Before you begin:

This process assumes that you have already opened scanEZ on a database. See this simple tutorial to learn how to a given database with scanEZ..

Display calendar profile information

An image of a scanEZ screen with calendar profile selected in the tree.Step 1 In document/design tree (on the left-hand side of scanEZ's interface), find and click the tree node 'Profile Documents'. This will expand the category.
Step 2 Find and click 'calendarprofile', found within this category.
Step 3 All data (field values and properties) for the calendar profile of the current database is shown on the right half of scanEZ's interface.
An image of scanEZ interface showing how to edit a item value.Step 4 In the main grid, click the item of your choice. In this example, we've chosen the item "timeFollowUp".
All item information is freely editable in the section below the grid.
Step 5 Edit the information as needed. Here, we are changing the value.
Step 6 Click 'OK'.
Your changes will not be applied yet.

Changing field values/properties

An image of scanEZ's interface showing modifications about to be applied.Note that the value now shows as changed within the grid, and the status marker shows as 'Edited'.
Step 7 Click the green check mark to fully apply your changes, or click the X to cancel.