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In this short tutorial, you'll how to get started in viewEZ buy opening a single database, and how to change the database once you're working with the tool.

Opening viewEZ on a single database

IBM Notes client Workspace with a database selected and the viewEZ icon ready to be clicked.Step 1 Select your chosen database from your Notes client Workspace (or be currently working in a database).
Step 2 Click the viewEZ icon in the Ytria toolbar.
An image showing the viewEZ interface with the selected database's designs loaded in the selection tree.Step 3 Your selected database is now loaded in viewEZ.

To switch databases in viewEZ

An image of the viewEZ interface with the open database option selected.Step 1 Select the 'Database > Open Database…' menu option or use Ctrl + O.
An image showing the viewEZ select database dialog.Step 2 Select a server from the drop-down server list.
Step 3 Choose the database you want to load.
Step 4 Click 'Ok'.