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In this short tutorial, you'll see how to get started in replicationEZ by loading a selection of servers and databases.

Opening a selection of servers and databases in replicationEZ.

IBM Notes client Workspace with the replicationEZ icon ready to be clicked.Step 1 Click the replicationEZ icon from the Ytria toolbar.
An image of the replicationEZ select severs dialog with three servers selected.Step 2 Select your server from the list.
A variety of filters are available for you to specify folder types, save preferred searches, and more. For the sake of brevity, these have been disregarded.
Step 3 Click 'Add>>' to place your selected server in the 'Servers Added' list.
Step 4 To remove a server from the 'Servers Added' list, select the server in the list and click 'Remove<<'.
Step 5 Click 'OK'.
An image of a replicationEZ screen with three entire servers selected.Step 6 Check the boxes that correspond to the servers, databases and/or templates whose information you want to load into the main grid.
Step 7 Optional: Enact filters on your selection using the 'Database Selection Filter'.
An image of a replicationEZ screen showing the read database options.Step 8 Depending on how you have the database read options set, your selection will either be immediately loaded into the main grid, or require that you click 'Apply' in the Databases panel. An option to keep all replicas across loaded servers is also available.