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I need to see the effective access for basically all the users and databases on a server. How can I do that?


aclEZ's extended effective access calculator will let you do exactly that, quickly and easily. Here's how to do it!

Before you begin:

This process assumes that you have already opened a server with aclEZ. See this simple tutorial to learn how to open a server in aclEZ..
For this particular example you'll see how to check an entire server. Make sure the entire server is loaded.

Calculating effective access across an entire server

Image of aclEZ's interface will all entries selected in the main grid.Step 1 In aclEZ's main grid, select the rows for the databases that you want to include in the effective access calculation. You can select them all manually, or by using Ctrl + A.
Keep in mind that each row in aclEZ's main grid corresponds to an ACL entry for a database. Be sure that what you select actually fulfills the scope that you want for your calculation.
Image of aclEZ's interface with the 'Show Effective Access...' command selected in the shortcut menuStep 2 With your selection made in the main grid, choose "Show Effective Access..." from the shortcut menu.
Image of aclEZ's interface and Names dialog showing a name being added.Step 3 In the Names dialog, choose the Domino Directory where the names are that you want to use for the effective access calculation.
Step 4 Click 'Add>' to add new names.
Step 5 You can sort the added names list, remove a selection of names, or remove all names.
Step 6 Once the list of added names is complete, click 'OK'
Image of aclEZ's interface and effective access panelStep 7 All effective access information for all the databases and names you selected will be shown in the effective access panel.
Image of aclEZ's effective access grid panel.Step 8 The principal components to orient you in your effective access calculation results are present in the grid: The database title, the name, and the effective access for the name in the specific database.
By default, columns that show individual permissions are positioned to the right.
Image of aclEZ's effective access grid's permission readoutStep 8 cont. All information regarding the individual permissions for each name/database/effective access entry is shown.

Organizing effective access data

Image of aclEZ's ......As with any flexYgrid-enabled panel, you can categorize the displayed the data by any combination of datapoints.
As a suggestion, try this:
Step 1 Categorize by 'Database File.'
Step 2 Categorize by 'Effective Access.'
Step 3 Collapse all categories.
Step 4 Expand the databases of your choice.
What you'll see is a list of all list of databases, and within that the different access levels to that database, along with who has that access level.
Feel free to experiment by categorizing your data different ways.