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How can I turn on/off user activity recording in my IBM Notes databases? Can I use EZ Suite tools for this?


databaseEZ has an easy method to turn user activity recording on (or off) for multiple databases at once.

Before you begin:

The steps to determine which databases have user activity turned on/off are explained in the article in response to the question "How can I find out when my databases were accessed last?".

Turn User Activity On/Off

Image of databaseEZ's main grid panel showing which databases have user activity recording enabled.Step 1 Select your chosen grid entries. For this example we will turn user activity recording on; the entries that show as having user activity recording turned off have been selected.
Step 2 Click the 'Tools' menu from the top menu list.
Image of the selected option to turn user activty recording on.Step 3 Select the 'User Activity > Set Record activity ON…' menu option.
Image of confirmation dialog.Step 4 A confirmation dialog will appear. Select 'OK' to apply your changes, or select 'Cancel' and no changes will be applied. You changes will be applied immediately.
Image of databaseEZ's main screen reflecting the procedures modifications.You will now have activated user activity recording on your elected databases. The checkboxes in the column 'User Activity – Is Recorded' will confirm the activation.