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What's New in EZ Suite 10?

All products are Lotus Notes R5.x, R6.x, R7.x, R8.x compatible (including 8.5)

What's New In:

What's New in All Products?

Domino Designer on Eclipse (DDE) integration

Now Ytria tools and a number of their functions are available directly in the Domino Designer client with a new DDE integration option via the Ytria Designer Widget. Now you can just right-click a design element to open in a Ytria software tool. This offers enormous advantages for developers working on remote databases because it is no longer necessary to open all the designs in a database. In addition to the contextual menu, the integrated options are available in a new Ytria pull-down menu which is always visible. Note: DDE integration features require that you're using Domino Designer 8.0 or higher.

Access Ytria tools inside Domino Designer

Change logging capabilities

If you need to keep tabs on the changes that you and your team make to your Lotus Notes applications using Ytria tools, you can now enable a logging feature. You can set the logs to be recorded in any Lotus Notes database.

Keep an audit trail for Ytria tool usage

New keyboard shortcut to quickly switch databases

Now you can click Ctrl+O to open a new database in any single database Ytria tool (i.e. scanEZ, signEZ, viewEZ, actionBarEZ and designPropEZ).

Click to see scanEZ tool features and benefits What's New in scanEZ 10?

Soft deletion management

Now scanEZ will distinguish between the deletion stubs for hard deleted and soft deleted documents. You have the option to restore soft deleted documents; hard delete them; or delete their deletion stubs.

scanEZ now help you manage soft deletions

New enhancements to ‘My Selection’ virtual folders

Now you can quickly and easily perform actions on any ‘MySelection’ virtual folder in your scanEZ session. When you choose to add to; move to; remove from; or intersect with ‘another MySelection’ a dialog will prompt you to choose a virtual folder.

'My Selection' virtual folder enhancements

DDE integration specific to scanEZ

You can now select several design elements in Domino Designer and right-click them to open in scanEZ in a new ‘MySelection’ virtual folder. Additionally, you now launch the Replication Auditor or Post Replication Auditor tool directly in the Designer client. And finally you can access scanEZ's Notes.ini editor in the Ytria pull-down menu. The Ytria Designer Widget is required for to enable this functionality.

Access scanEZ directly in Domino Designer

Permanent formula history

scanEZ now keeps a permanent history of formulas used (you can customize the maximum number of formulas it will save). The formula history is shared among all functions where formulas may be entered (e.g. Edit individual field; mass-edit fields; change document displayed title; etc.). The formula history will even be shared by multiple open instances scanEZ—a very handy time-saver for advanced users.

scanEZ will now remember the formulas you used--even after closing the program

New Document Analyzer summary data scan

The Document Analyzer tool now includes option for finding documents with large amounts of aggregate summary data.

Deletion stub date range filter

Improved Conflict Solver and Document Comparator interfaces

Both scanEZ Conflict Solver and Document Comparator now offer the ability to always show certain fields. To make use of this option, just tick checkboxes for the desired fields prior to engaging the ‘Show Only Fields with Different Values Between Documents’ feature. This allows you to keep certain fields as informational ‘anchors.’ A new collapse and expand button has also been added to allow you the option of focusing on the list of fields in the documents.

The conflict solver:  now even more convenient

Export Notes.ini and NotesServer.ini files

The Notes.ini editor tool now features an export button. This provides a quick and easy way to keep a local copy of a server Notes.ini file.

Export your NotesServer.ini file to disk

Diff Panel Mass-modification functionality tweaks

The dialog boxes for mass data modification functions now offer a button that lets you choose from a list of fields. Additionally, keyboard navigation support has been improved: now you can Tab or Shift+Tab within the Modify Item dialog.

Improved document mass editing interface

Click to see aclEZ tool features and benefitsWhat's New in aclEZ 10?

Enhanced Role management

Now you can click a button to see detailed information on role assignment for a given ACL entry. The Role Assignment by Name information will be displayed in a grouping grid which will immediately tell you if a given name has a role available and whether or not this role is assigned.

Enhanced role managed

New ‘Selected ACLs’ panel

A new panel lets you take a closer look at the complete ACLs associated with any names selected in the main grid. By default, the panel will show up to five ACLs but you may customize the panel to show as many as you wish.

See the whole ACLs associated with your main grid selection

User interface improvements

aclEZ now uses different colored icons to distinguish between regular templates (green) and advanced templates (blue).

Advanced templates are now colored blue

Click to see agentEZ tool features and benefitsWhat's New in agentEZ 10?

Load only the information you need

Now you can choose to load or re-load only the databases corresponding to agents selected in the grid.

Selectively reload databases in agentEZ

XML exportation enhancements

When you save your agent or database selection, agentEZ’s XML will now record more information, including: the DBID and ReplicaID for databases; and the UNID, NoteID, Aliases, and Class Type for notes.

Save and load context using XML

DDE integration specific to agentEZ

You can now make a selection of agents in Domino Designer and then right-click them to directly open them in agentEZ. The Ytria Designer Widget is required for to enable this functionality.

Access agentEZ directly in Domino Designer

Improved agent data display customization

The agentEZ 'Grid Data Composition' panel has been significantly upgraded: Now agent information is categorized according to its position in Domino Designer properties dialog; plus you can load and save your preferences .

More database information available in grid

The Database panel and the main grid now indicate whether a database is a template; an advanced template; or if the database does not permit running background agents.

Click to see signEZ tool features and benefitsWhat's New in signEZ 10?

Domino Designer integration for signature management

Now you can right-click a selection of notes in Domino Designer and either open them in signEZ or immediately sign them with another ID. The Ytria Designer Widget is required for to enable this functionality.

Sign or audit design elements directly in Domino Designer

Click to see viewEZ tool features and benefitsWhat's New in viewEZ 10?

right-click to hide views or folders

Now the Columns dialog offers an option to hide specific design elements (i.e. currently selected; tagged or not tagged). This is great way to quickly focus on the views and folders that require your attention.

Right-click to hide view columns

View and folder-specific Domino Designer integration

Now you can right-click a selection of views or folders in Domino Designer and open them in the Views/Folders or Columns window in viewEZ. The Ytria Designer Widget is required for to enable this functionality.

Access viewEZ directly in Domino Designer

New 8.5.2+ property supported

The new ‘Use Column Property as Backup’ property is now available in viewEZ’s Column Properties dialog.

Click to see actionBarEZ tool features and benefitsWhat's New in actionBarEZ 10?

right-click to hide designs

A new ‘Hide Selected Design Elements’ option in the Actions window helps you focus on the action bars that you need to work on.

Right-click to hide specific action bars in the Actions dialog

Action bar-specific Domino Designer integration

Now you can right-click a selection of design elements in Domino Designer and open them in the Action Bars or Actions window in actionBarEZ. The Ytria Designer Widget is required for to enable this functionality.

Access actionBarEZ directly in Domino Designer

Click to see actionBarEZ tool features and benefitsWhat's New in designPropEZ 10?

Design source property-specific DDE integration

Now you can right-click a selection of design elements in Domino Designer to audit their design source property flags (e.g Prohibit refresh). The Ytria Designer Widget is required for to enable this functionality.

Audit design source properties directly in Domino Designer

To get a more detailed picture of the EZ Suite, please take a look at the product page and online demos.

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