Design Property Tool for Auditing and Editing across Multiple Databases

Lets Notes developers work faster with fewer errors—Improve user interfaces in record time

The common problems in managing Lotus Notes design properties

If you need to modify a given design property (e.g. the ‘prohibit refresh’ property), you'll frequently need to do it in many places—perhaps hundreds. Thenative Domino Designer toolset does not provide the means for editing these properties en mass. Nor does Domino Designer offer any way to audit the properties or conveniently see if they're set correctly throughout an application. Before a new or updated database goes into production it's important to be sure all the design elements' properties are appropriate. With the native toolset, a developer is forced to waste hours by going through the design elements of an application one-by-one.

Verify all Design Source Properties

Mass-edit Design Source Properties

"I estimate that each view would have needed to have ~20 properties checked/set, so the tools have already saved me about 1900 steps...and more importantly, I am absolutely sure that ALL of the settings are how they are supposed to human error missing this or that design property..."
Lawrence Andrew Broyles, Employers Security Insurance Company
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What are Lotus Notes design element properties and why are they important?

Ytria designPropEZ is a solution for faster Lotus Notes development, here's what it lets you do:
  • Quickly and correctly set all the properties (including design inheritance, hide design from, multilingual options etc.) of several databases in a single action
  • Dramatically speed up development and maintenance for Notes applications
  • Expand your development capabilities—take advantage of practical features that are not part of the standard Domino Designer tool set

designPropEZ Fact Sheet

Audit and see all your design source properties

Faster development of Lotus Notes database designs

Extend the power of Domino Designer

Thousands of organizations use Ytria software for faster Notes development and better Domino administration

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