Secure and Powerful Central Signature Management Tool

Audit and sign design elements across multiple servers with any ID you have access to—even securely delegated development IDs—without any need to involve your Notes client.

Are you having problems getting a handle on design element signatures in your IBM Notes and Domino environment? The traditional method normally requires that you search through elements in your Designer client and that you relay solely on the signing options available in the Administrator client—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Add in frozen Notes sessions (should you need to switch IDs) and the lack of a true way to delegate IDs, and you can see why a better signature management system can help.

signEZ is the answer for any signature question, giving you multi-server functionality that goes far beyond anything possible in the native tools.

Get complete audit results in a flexible grid interface for easy manipulation and visibility of your data, and sign any combination of design elements with any ID you have access to.

Large-scale scope and multi-option flexibility for signature audits and signing

Audit design element signatures and sign across and entire database while benefitting from numerous helpful signature options.

Use different stored user IDs in your processes and delegate secure central signing IDs, all without interruptions to your Notes session.

Work with signatures on a large-scale basis. Sign and audit across multiple databases, and even multiple servers.

Export detailed signature reports to preformatted document types or through simple copy/paste actions.

Thousands of organizations use Ytria software for faster Notes development and better Domino administration

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