View and Column Management, Centralized

See and edit all aspects of your views, folders, and the columns that they contain all within an innovative, central visual UI.

In the native toolkit, whether you’re creating new views, or working with those already in your databases, the sheer volume of designs to sift through one by one is staggering. What if there was a way to collect all these elements and work with them side by side, seeing how each one of them relates to each other?

viewEZ offers you a unique to deal with views, including their columns and their indexes by parsing these elements into an intuitive central interface. You'll have the entire picture—the full context to see and change anything that may need adjusting.

What's more, a dedicated live view selection feature lets you launch viewEZ directly on a currently opened view.

Work with your views, folders, columns, and view indexes in a better way

Analyze and edit view and folder properties across an entire database with a clear understanding of their context in the "big picture."

Grasp the implications that view index sizes have on your environment quickly and easily.

See and edit view column properties and position en masse across all designs of a given database in only a few clicks.

Get a thorough overview of all column properties in a given database in an easy-to-use central interface.
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