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February 2014 Newsletter

Ytria Newsletter - February 2014
  FEBRUARY 2014 
NEW Major Release version 12 Next Month
Among a multitude of new features and enhancements, EZ Suite version 12 will revolutionize the way you work with its new Automation feature. What does this mean for you?
You already save so much time and frustration using our tools. Now, you can multiply these savings by creating your own macros in your favourite Ytria tools.

In addition to Automation, we've integrated many of your feature requests. Here's a sample of
what you'll be able to do
in version 12:

  • Export grid contents to a native Excel file
  • Copy/paste any grid contents in HTML and RichText formats
  • Search & Replace items values throughout documents in scanEZ
  • Manage document level encryption in scanEZ
  • See and delete the index size of Views and Folders in viewEZ and databaseEZ
  • See and edit the database type property in databaseEZ
  • See the encryption status of every database with databaseEZ
  • Display User Activity for multiple databases in databaseEZ, and set recording of User Activity on/off
  • Track documents and designs among replicas in replicationEZ
  • Search & Replace in ACL entries with aclEZ
  • Improvement of Group Navigator and NAB Presence Checker in aclEZ
  • Limit the scope of document searches in scanEZ
  • And many more!

Watch your inbox in March for our announcement of EZ Suite version 12 and a complete list of what's new and improved. We'll also hold a webcast a couple of weeks following the announcement, where we'll go over the features list.

Contact us today to renew your software maintenance.
Update your maintenance package before the new major release, and secure your upgrade to version 12.

How you are doing with consoleEZ
We are very grateful for your feedback on testing out consoleEZ. And some of your suggestions have already been incorporated into the product.
Along with the successful stories you've shared with us, your suggestions and the issues you reported were invaluable to make this tool even better.

You still have access to the beta version until the end of March!
Please continue to share your stories with us, especially the bad ones because we believe in always providing a happy ending.

Send your comments to

Ytria - Silver sponsor at Engage (BLUG) 2014
If you're in the Netherlands during March 17-18, 2014, don't miss this high caliber event packed with technical content. Be sure to attend the session by Ben Menesi, Ytria's Chief Product Officer "Ready, Aim, Fire: Mastering the Latest in the Administrator's Arsenal" on Monday March 17 at 13:30, room: B.

Stop by our booth to chat with our experts, check out our demos and enter our raffle. For more info, go to

scanEZ aclEZ agentEZ databaseEZ replicationEZ consoleEZ signEZ viewEZ actionEZ designpropEZ formEZ

Congrats to our raffle winners at Connect 2014
With this excellent event behind us, we'd like to thank everyone who stopped by and to congratulate these lucky participants:

See you next year!

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