What's New in EZ Suite 12?

A major software release webcast

EZ Suite version 12 is brimming with great new features and improvements, and we'd like to take you through some these live. A major addition to the EZ Suite 12 feature list is the ability to automate processes in a Ytria tool by loading your own XML file. Learn more about automation in Ytria tools here.
Moreover, we'll examine some important new features found in every tool and others that are product specific. Click on what's new and improved in EZ Suite 12 for more details.

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Outline of presentation (Time-stamped)

Agenda & Introduction (0:00)

New and improved in all the tools (2.10)

Product specific features (9:00)

scanEZ (9:31)*

viewEZ (20:27)

aclEZ (21:47)

replicationEZ (24:21)

databaseEZ (29:30)

What is Automation (38:48)

How Automation works (42:00)

Examples of Automation (43:16)

aclEZ (50:50)

  • Find Default Manager Access (51:32)
  • Export flags & roles from multiple servers (52:34)

agentEZ (53:36)

  • Load all agent info (54:30)
  • Export agent timeline for 3 servers (55:08)

databaseEZ (55:39)

  • Get view & folder index sizes on start (56:34)
  • Export to Excel complete database info with Space Used Percentage for 3 servers (57:34)

replicationEZ (59.07)

  • Find databases replicas on 3 servers, and display conflicts (1:00:50)
  • Export Discover Replicas chart for 2 databases (1:02:13)
  • Clear Replication History (1:03:27)

scanEZ (1:05:30)

  • Find all ghost documents on a database with Post-Replication Auditor (1:06:47)
  • Find emails containing a given text string (1:07:30)
  • Add new line "SetupLeaveServerTasks=1" to 3 server .ini files, and export (1:08:28)

consoleEZ (1:09:20)

  • Open 6 consoles in a vertical arrangement (1:09:40)

*Correction: Search & replace in scanEZ is currently limited to text strings.

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