Central, Server-Wide Workcenter for Database Properties and Settings

Work with your databases' properties and settings on a large scale through one powerful solution to handle everything from audits, to modifications, to reporting.

When it comes to managing properties and settings for IBM Notes databases, traditional methods can present several bottlenecks.

Crucial settings found in separate dialogs, the one-database-at-a-time nature of many audits and modifications, the need to have certain access rights to see basic database properties, etc. all make it difficult to gain perspective on a situation involving multiple databases.

databaseEZ gives you the means to not only consolidate all processes related to database properties and settings, but also take a "strength in numbers" approach to these attributes by letting you see every property for every database on an entire server in one central, feature-rich grid interface .

Unburden your IBM Notes database administration with the central, one-stop solution for all processes involving properties and settings.

Server-wide control for database properties and settings

Get the entire picture for all your databases' properties and settings across an entire server. Use tiered loading and powerful pre-filters to control how much data you retrieve at any given time.

Perform complex operations easily, such as scanning entire servers for problematic property values, changing Replica IDs, and getting detailed usage activity audits, through powerful built-in tools.

Report your results fast through easy exports, expand your processes through powerful automation, and benefit from complete EZ Suite and Notes integration.
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