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I have a large number (hundreds) of emails that have attachments, and I need to get all of these files out of the emails. Is there a way to do this without having to write agents or, even worse, open each email and save the attachments one by one?


You're in luck! scanEZ has a feature that lets you select an entire folder of documents (emails or other) and export all attachments and files that the documents contain to a file path of your choice, and this in only a couple of clicks.

Before you begin:

This process assumes that you have already opened scanEZ on a database. See this simple tutorial to learn how to open a given database with scanEZ..

Choose the view/folder and export the attachments

Image of scanEZ interface showing the options in the Document menu.Step 1 From the Search menu, select the option 'Quick Retrieve Contents of View or Folder.
Image of scanEZ's 'Quick Retrieve Contents of View or Folder' dialog.Step 2 Select the view or folder that you want to use as the basis for your search. In this case, choose the view ($Sent).
The following values may vary depending on your needs. Feel free to change them as needed.
Step 3 Define the name to give to your new My Selection virtual folder.
Step 4 Define the type of displayed selection tree title to be used for documents in the new My Selection virtual folder.
Step 5 In this example, the option 'Field Info/Value Combination' has been chosen. Define the specifics in the drop-down lists.
Step 6 Click 'Search'.
Image of scanEZ's interface and a newly created My Selection in focus.Step 7 Once your new My Selection folder is created, make sure the focus is on the selection tree node.
Image of scanEZ's Dcoument menu.Step 8 From the Document menu, select the option 'Export All Attachment and Files...'.
Image of a Select Folder dialog.Step 9 Choose the file path/folder to save your attachments to.
Step 10 Click 'Select Folder'.
All attachments found in the documents within the selected tree node (in this case, your My Selection folder containing all sent emails) will be saved to your chosen folder.
Image of a process confirmation dialog showing information regarding the export process.Step 11 You will then see a dialog with summarized information about how many documents were scanned, the number of documents that contained attachments, and the number of files that were saved. You can choose to view a detailed log of the files created, or close the dialog.
Image of the scanEZ's detailed Report Log screen.The log indicates the full file path of the files saved, the noteID of the original file, and more.