Ytria - Manual Download Page


Manual Download Page

This page will list all the files usually available through YtriaUpdate.

Your current file version can be seen in the Version tab of its Windows Properties box (right-click on file).

Be aware that dll files do not need to be updated frequently.

To manually update your Ytria software, simply download the files below and move them to the same directory as your notes.exe file -- when Windows prompts you, click "Yes" to replace the existing file(s).

Files followed by (- Ytria Support -) have to be placed in the YTRIA_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT folder present in your Notes Data directory.
And files followed by ( - Local AppData -) have to be placed in the Ytria folder present in your personal Local AppData directory.

Important Note: The files below have the extension .ezz to prevent firewall issues. After downloading, you MUST rename the executable files by changing the extension to .exe, and by removing the version number. Example: "scanEZ.12.0.5.ezz" should be renamed as "scanEZ.exe".

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