Next-Level Solution for ACL and Group Management

Oversee your entire ACL and Group data structure through a visual-UI-based toolkit.

IBM Notes and Domino gives you an extensive amount of customizable settings to govern security and access rights through Access Control Lists (ACL). But these can only be managed for one user, one database at a time.

aclEZ provides you with an entirely new approach to ACL management—the power to parse, view and edit any number of ACL entries and groups across an entire server at once, the power to reveal the entire access situation for every user in your Domino Directory against every database on a given server—all without any interruption to your Notes session.

Look beyond the traditional ways of exploring and modifying ACLs—the vital keys to your IBM Notes and Domino security.

Clear access and sweeping, server-wide power

Gain server-wide control over all aspects of ACLs. View and modify all ACL entries on every database on your server through an easy-to-use visual interface.

Deep dive into your Domino Directory's contents for an advanced understanding of groups and their members.

Optimize your process further through pre-loading filters, conduct full-server effective access calculations, and automatically flag invalid group members.

Report your results fast through easy exports and expand your processes through powerful automation functions.
Thousands of organizations use Ytria software for faster Notes development and better Domino administration

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