Central, Server-Wide Agent Management

Analyze all agents on a server in one central interface for unequalled insight, and modify multiple agents simultaneously.

We all know how big a role agents play in IBM Notes and Domino. But, as important as agents are, the native ways of working with them leave users largely in the dark.

The very nature of an agent’s function is to carry out large-scale actions across multiple documents. Doesn't it make sense to work with your agents the same way, in the larger context and with a full understanding of the entire picture?

agentEZ lets you get the “big picture” of how your agents function across an entire server. See your agents and their properties, all at once in a central, flexible grid interface.

A unique, new way to approach agent analysis and modifications

Display all agents on a given server in one central interface for the complete picture of agent scheduling—quickly find and solve issues with concurrent agent timings thanks to unrivaled access to agent scheduling properties.

Get the truth about your agents' behavior in only a few clicks. See agent history and runtime information, such as the runtime duration or past agent runtimes, through automatic calculations and clear graphical representations.

Understand the complete agent security situation for all your agents on a given server.

Modify properties across multiple agents simultaneously, with clear insight into the larger context of their functions.
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