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If you want to redo UI bits like action bars or view color and font settings, the Ytria actionBarEZ and viewEZ tools are essential. Another example of an overwhelming tedious task that would be almost pointless because of the time required. I know you can rent those tools so the cost issue may not be as much of an obstacle.
—Kevin Pettitt, Lotus Domino Blogger (

Yesterday I needed to add a shared action to each of about 10 views in a Notes application. Unsure of whether Ytria actionBarEZ could help with this, I opened the tool and was pleased to discover that all I had to do was select the target views, and then drag the needed shared action to each of the views. What a time-saver!
—Joe Litton,

actionBarEZ: It's great to be able to easily update the look and feel of the action bars, as well as the actions themselves. The side affect is that it's much easier to establish a consistent look and feel across our many different apps, including legacy apps when things were still in a state of flux.

We were recently bought by another company, and actionBarEZ made the transition from our old color scheme to new much easier than we could have imagined.

We continue to use these tools because they simplify our lives and save us a lot of time.
—John Dillon, Teledyne

When you like one tool from a company, then you start looking at other tools they are offering. And at that time, I knew that I had quite a big design migration in front of me. The application I mainly take care of consists of more then 30 databases. So giving them a new look and feel (because of Corporate Identity requirements) with the basic Notes tool is really a pain. With ActionBarEZ it was literally done in a snap. All I can say is: VERY COOL!
—Ingo Hefti, Kuehne + Nagel Mgmt AG

I got everything working beautifully and re-did all of the actions and action bars on my applications in record time. I am so impressed! Wonderful product!
—Marilyn Lambard, Rockwell Scientific

I already have the suite installed and have applied changes from both designPropEZ and actionbarEZ to three databases' views....the changes affected about 95 views and I estimate that each view would have needed to have ~20 properties checked/set, so the tools have already saved me about 1900 steps...and more importantly, I am absolutely sure that ALL of the settings are how they are supposed to human error missing this or that design property. In the few minutes I have had the tools I could be close to cost justifing their purchase. :-)
—Lawrence Andrew Broyles, Employers Security Insurance Company

Work which would have taken us one week can now be done in one half-day using viewEZ and actionBarEZ. The rapidity with which we can make massive amounts of changes in the database makes us more daring; and we can now afford to try out different combinations before settling on a final design.
—Andrew Magerman, Project Manager – Head of Development, Sobis Software

I ordered scanEZ and actionBarEZ- GREAT TOOLS FOR DEVELOPERS!!!
—Mtho Ncube, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
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