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scanEZ is the most amazing tool I have ever used. I literally use it daily to perform so many different types of tasks.
For example:

  • need a data dump from a specific database? Boom ! scanEZ does that!
  • want to know why that replication conflict exists? Again, scanEZ to the rescue.
  • something just not right with a document? Maybe data type issues? easily review the document at the click of a button!
  • compare one document to another? It's easy as pie.
  • mass updates? It's so simple.
  • the list goes on and on and on....

...I just LOVE this tool and wanted you to know I use it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

—Brent Wice, Applications Team Lead, Trapeze Group

scanEZ: Able to resolve save conflicts with intelligence instead of just hit/miss. Ability to repair documents when they fall into an unexpected state.

We continue to use these tools because they simplify our lives and save us a lot of time.

—John Dillon, Teledyne

We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that we were already impressed with the set of tools we purchased from you, but we just became a huge fan of the company and the employees, as well.

We set out to solve a problem with resurrected documents and began investigating how the Ytria tools could help us. We received the answers we were looking for from Jerome at your Online Live Support. As we began to resolve the issue with the ScanEZ product, we ran into a problem due to the large number of documents in the database. When we told Jerome our circumstances and what we were running into, he and his team offered to improve the software with an additional search capability - at no charge to us! We all were floored! We had just spoken to anther Vendor the day before and they wanted to charge us heavily for a minimal improvement to their software that they had already written. Your handling of this issue and the software change you did for us saved us countless hours of work and frustration.

We cannot thank Ytria and Jerome enough for their assistance. It is more than refreshing to see a company willing to not just listen to their customers, but to go the extra mile for them. That type of philosophy in today's world is a rarity and is worthy of praise.

Thank you for everything.

—Michele Corbin, Business Application Deployment Manager, Tandus

I am very impressed with the product suite, particularly scanEZ which I have just installed since seeing it in action yesterday. Having spent years relying on half-baked solutions like NotesPeek, smarticon formulas, creating temporary agents and views etc, it's great to have so much functionality in one tool.

—Jeff Gilfelt, Developer – Lotus Notes Team, Panasonic Europe IT Group

I've said it before but it bears repeating: scanEZ is hands down the most amazing tool—I use it every. single. day.

—Brent Wice, Applications Team Lead, Trapeze Group

I use ScanEZ every day and have come to rely on it to quickly troubleshoot problems, modify documents for use in testing or in upgrading, and to help build and test formulas during development.

—Mike Miller,

Their ScanEZ application is now on my list of can't-live-without pieces of software. Anything built by actual developers to help fill the gaps in Domino Designer has to be a good thing.

—Jake Howlett,
[See Blog Entry]

I work as Notes Developer and perform some support and administration tasks as well. So, I need to make quick changes in working applications quite often. As you may be aware, one of the Notes Database drawbacks is inability to get direct access to its data, unlike relational databases such as MS SQL or Oracle. Ytria's ScanEZ tool bridges the gap and makes Notes data management easy and pleasant experience. My most frequent and useful operations with ScanEZ are:

  • Copy ACL to other databases
  • Editing and adding fields to documents, bulk document operations instead of using agents
  • analyzing documents (search for parent/response problem documents)
  • design hide
  • document search
  • replication conflict solving

Till recently ScanEZ lacked UNICODE support. So editing Russian field contents was rather inconvenient. But now, everything is Ok with the new release. I find ScanEZ very useful, convenient and easy to use. ScanEZ saves me time and spares my efforts greatly. I strongly recommend it to everyone!

—Anton Soloviev, Notes Developer, Investsberbank

There are two major points. First, the ability to change a Replica ID. Last and the most important is the ability to add, edit and change the contents of a field with out having to write a LotusScript agent. This product (scanEZ) paid for itself in one week.

—Ron L Densmore, Consumers Energy, Domino Administration - IT Integrator, CLP

Here is what mattered to me: It's the combination of tools all in one. There are tools and hacks to see or copy replica ids, to update fields and to resolve conflicts, but they are all separate. With ScanEZ, you have it all under "one roof" and in a user-friendly way. In addition, the handling of deletion stubs came in handy for tracking down document deletions.
—Gerald Mengisen, Lotus Notes Development, United Nations

Here are some of the reasons i love this product (scanEZ):

  1. Very quick overview of content of all fields on a document
  2. Great tool to help debug and solve problems, since i can change/delete fields directly
  3. Fast way to see all readers/authors fields on a document
  4. I use it alot to see/change profile documents
  5. Helps to find document that use a form which is no longer shown in any view
—Jens Olesen, Grundfos

What I like about this program (scanEZ)? Mmm.., firstly, it can go with any ID. It doesn't need a specific person to attach with it. It saves trouble in the future. Secondly, it works like Apple, what you see is what you get. Lots of time I spent on creating agents to correct a couple of fields. Now I can shorten it to a couple of seconds. Isn't that great? Thirdly, I can do a search by ID or by field. I don't have to go through every single document to find the exact document I want.
—Vincent Chang, AT Plastics

What more can I say...scanEZ saved me again this morning...I had to bulk change documents in an off the shelf product we purchased for regulatory compliance. This probably would have taken an hour to do through the software admin web page in this product. And I might have missed something... Did it in 3 minutes with scanEZ...I now use this tool multiple times a day to maintain and enhance our system.. How did I live without it? I am not a Domino developer and this tool has helped me learn a lot about Domino and the product we purchased. Thanks for such a good tool.
—Brent C. Wilson

We evaluated some other tools before choosing Ytria. TeamStudio is too highly priced, and much of its functionality requires all developers to be using it. Martin Scott's NoteMan is cheaper, but simply doesn't do enough. In fact, it requires you to use NotesPeek for some functions that ScanEZ already includes. I've also looked at other tools found on the Internet, and none contain all the features present in scanEZ. I even tried creating my own too, but it didn't take long to realize that the price of scanEZ is tiny compared to the cost of my time needed to build such a tool. So, bottom line, ScanEZ provides us with more bang for the buck!
—Ken Barnes, MST, PCLP, IBM CAP
The Perfection Group, Inc., LAN Solutions Division

ScanEZ gives me the tools that I need to get the job done! I am constantly switching between the designer client & scanEZ for testing & debugging purposes. It allows me to make changes on the fly without having to spend my time programming smarticons to do what I need to get things done.
—Jonathan L. Hart , IBM Certified Advanced Professional, IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer, Lotus Notes Domino/Programmer II

We develop and subsequently support many Domino web apps and needed a better/easier/quicker way of modifying/fixing data outside of the application interface, which is inevitably needed with any application. We could write an agent every time we needed to fix/modify a document's or subset of documents' data, but that is so much more time consuming than just quickly searching for the applicable document(s) and modifying them directly and visibly with ScanEZ. ScanEZ is definitely an invaluable Domino development tool for us.
—Bryan Bassett, Webmaster / Lotus Domino Application Developer (PCLP) & Administrator, Layne Christensen Company

(The reason I bought) scanEZ is for

  • The easy accessibility to document fields and being able to edit them
  • The easy access to profile documents
  • The bulk updating of a field in selected documents
  • The easy access to the Notes.ini
  • The side by side document comparison
  • The quick reply and reaction to problems/requests
—Theo Heselmans, Xceed

The reason for giving scanEZ a try was the fact, that being a Notes developer / application manager quite often means: investigations! What is happening here, why does the application react this way, why doesn't it do that, etc. So I was really tired of writing one little agent here, one little agent there, adding a view here, etc. just to be able to find out what's going on.

With ScanEZ I have it ALL in one place: easily search for any item in the database, easily inspect the data and in case it is necessary, easily apply some changes to the data. To me scanEZ is THE time saving tool I have bought in the last couple of years. Others claim to have the tools when it comes to maintaining Notes databases. But I think: THIS IS IT!

I encourage all my fellow developers to give the tools a try. Especially scanEZ is a MUST HAVE! Once you have it, you will wonder how you have been doing it before, without it.

—Ingo Hefti, Kuehne + Nagel Mgmt AG

One of the biggest reasons (for buying scanEZ) is the ease of merging replication save conflicts. We have only one database, and before archiving, it was over 65GB in size. It was just reduced down to 45 GB in size. There are over 880 replication/save conflicts. So right now my task is to get rid of those on four servers. That's over 3600 documents! With ScanEZ it makes my job a lot easier. I'm sure I haven't even touched some of the other scanEZ tools I could be using!
—Kathy Randlett, Kronos

I will be using the tool (scanEZ) for a very specific task: reviewing a very, very complex database design. I am using the tool to get a inside look into the database, because we disagree with the designers over several aspects of the design. Your tool is helpful in this effort, since it shows us what is stored and how it is stored.
—Hans van Rees, Tiscali

The most useful features of scanEZ for me are:
  1. Easily stripping off deletion-stubs and profile-documents from a database in order to create a "clean" template, especially very useful when customizing mail templates
  2. Replacing replica ids also seems to be useful and
  3. Easily copying current default ACLs to a different database
—Frank Simon, PriceWaterhouseCoopers AG WPG

One of the things that motivated us to buy the tool (scanEZ) was its ability to easily access profile docs in mail databases. Seeing why someone's out of office agent isn't working, for example, is so easy with your tool, we expect to be able to solve a large number of database related issues before our users even know they exist.
—Andrew Carr, The Salvation Army

scanEZ is in my eyes the most useful tool in existence for day to day work as a Notes developer. The software is a tremendous productivity booster and the support is very responsive and competent. Great work, I love this tool!
—Sven Pelta, Leica Microsystems

Using scanEZ, I can now do what needed at least three separate applications with only one tool, and I get loads of other amazing features as a bonus. All that in one "must have", very time-saving application.
—Benoit Dubuc, AON Consulting
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