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Today, @Ytria tools made my day; again. Copy, modify, create, delete and analyze documents to reproduce an issue without any coding. #scanEz
— @Eknori ( Ulrich Krause)

Impressed with @ytria ScanEZ - just saved me time fixing a document hierarchy.
— @MartinPerrie (Martin Perrie)

Just sayin’: I love @Ytria You make my AdminLife easier nearly every day. Thank you! #GreatTool #Ytria
— @weschgi

Now this [consoleEZ] is just what the doctor ordered for IBM Notes/Domino!
— Bruce Elgort, President & CEO at Elguji Software [Ytria] make such good products we cannot live without them for a single minute :-)
— Carlos Batalla, IBM Notes Specialist

I uninstalled the "old" version and I've been using the beta and become used to its snappy response. I'd like to continue that experience rather than going back to the "old" version.
— Rob Porter, IT Developer, Fujifilm Speciality Ink Systems

Thanks God for @Ytria #ViewEZ it just saved me probably a full day’s effort in making bulk changes to 130 views.

My team and I use scanEZ every day, it's one of our more important tools and I can not imagine supporting our applications without it.
—Terry Child, Team Leader - Business Solutions Development
ASM Assembly Systems Weymouth Ltd.

scanEZ is an invaluable tool. It helps us do so many things that we are not able to do otherwise.
—Vaughan Green, Application Developer

I'm probably the biggest fan of scanEZ- one of 5 tools I can't live without- and scanEZ is my #1. We have many legacy Notes databases that hold critical information. I don't think it's possible to support these legacy databases, without scanEZ. It's not doable.
—Pat Greenbaum, Marketing Programs Manager

scanEZ allows you to delve under the bonnet of Notes and gives you the range of tools you wish IBM had provided.  It saves me  hours every week by allowing me to directly manipulate any field values, without having to write a single line of code myself, the next time you get a call from a user that starts ‘I think I’ve made a mistake’, you know it’s time to reach for scanEZ.
—Senior Analyst Programmer

The Ytria toolset was really useful for my OpenNTF development and deployment: I used viewEZ and actionBarEZ to sort out views and actions (especially for the Notes client UI as the theme changed in this version), and then used signEZ during deployment. scanEZ of course gets used all the time...So, it really was a no-brainer to credit Ytria in the template.
—Ben Poole,

Elguji's development team uses and highly recommends Ytria's developer tools. Ytria's tools were instrumental in helping us develop our multi-award winning IdeaJam idea and innovation management software. From aclEZ to signEZ - we use all of the tools which simply make the development and delivery of our products easier and faster. We highly recommend that every Notes and Domino developer add Ytria's tools to their toolbox.
—Bruce Elgort, Elguji Software, and Co-Founder

By using Ytria Tools, we were able to ensure that BlogSphere V3 had a consistent look and feel throughout the entire application. To be able to do it with just a few mouse-clicks meant that we were able to make new releases much faster than before.
—Declan Lynch, Lotus Notes Blogger,

Once you get addicted - you can't work without Ytria tools!
—Jakob Majkilde , Lotus Notes developer since 1992 and founder of

We needed only two tools from Ytria, but because of the package deal we bought the whole package. The tools we have from YTRIA do the job fully to our needs and when ever we need their technical support, they are very reliable and efficient!
—Willem Leber, Senior Developer, Metaware a Dutch based IT consultancy company

Using Ytria tools enables us to respond quickly to our internal customer needs in case of problems and cut down the response time dramatically. Instead of creating agents, forms, etc. we can peek into the data directly. To standardize applications especially the GUI, e.g. on the Action Bars or Views to have them look alike is a Kinderspiel* now.
—Robert Laudensack, European Lotus Notes Project Manager, Logitech

The Ytria set of tools are really well-designed for Domino admins and developers. As a CLI, I should always say that managing Domino and Designer to a high-level is our goal, but in many situations losing time in developing inefficient agents or modifying code or design properties can be really boring. For all these tasks Ytria is there to help you save time and do what you are supposed to do: making the whole thing work great.
—Jérôme Deniau, CLI7 – Certified Lotus Instructor Admin & Development, InForM
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