Optimized Selection Filters to Sharpen and Quicken Data Loading

Focus your ACL entry loading to include only the specifics you need—repeat as needed.

In aclEZ, the initial tree-style database selection interface will feel quite familiar to experienced IBM Domino Administrator users. But the similarities are only on the surface, as the loading system has quite a few functions to both accelerate and normalize your operations.

aclEZ's database selection system is specifically designed to let you get to the data you need faster:

  • View an entire server's contents (including all subfolders) in the loading tree. Color-coded status indicators let you spot databases that are incompletely loaded quickly.
  • Find any acl entries with a certain substring in their name and rename them on a mass scale
  • Set preloading filters for ACL entries based on access level, ACL entry type, or name; focus loading on databases, templates, or both; use regular expressions to specify selection criteria.
  • Save unlimited preset filter configurations—save time and gain accuracy without having to search from scratch each time.

The built-in functionality to sharpen and speed up your data loading will let you bring push-button speed and simplicity to your ACL management process.

Choose from multiple pre-filters for faster, more precise loading.

aclEZ’s pre-filters let you pare down your selections before loading all database ACLs. For example, you can select to load only databases that have the string 'app' in their full path or name, as well as choose to load manager and designer level person type entries only.

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