Server-wide Role Management

Evaluate and manage user roles across your entire server.

Role creation and management in IBM Domino has always been an intricate process. Without a way to view the existing role information for more than one database and user at a time, managing existing roles has always been rather time consuming.Until now.

As with all other aspects of ACLs, aclEZ lets you use mass-editing capabilities on role creation and maintenance by giving you central access to view the roles applied on any amount of databases across your entire server.

Take complete and sever-wide control over user roles with aclEZ:

  • Find and assess where any given role is used.
  • Identify all the roles assigned to a specific user.
  • Create, edit, or delete roles for any number of databases and users simultaneously.
  • Enable/disable roles en-masse on as many databases and users as you choose
  • Craft complete reports of your role structure.

Move beyond the traditional ways of creating, editing, and deploying roles with aclEZ's powerful server-wide features.

Ensure an administration group has all applicable roles assigned.

Roles are an important part of application development, yet once an application is created they are hard to oversee. If you need to make sure all applicable roles are assigned to your administration group, aclEZ has got you covered!

Deploying and assigning a new administration role across all business critical applications.

Have you ever needed to create and assign the same role across a set of databases? Depending on the number of databases you need to work on, this ranges from a cumbersome process at best, to nearly impossible at worst. Through its clear flexYgrid layout and mass-editing capabilities, aclEZ makes all of this easy:

Thousands of organizations use Ytria software for faster Notes development and better Domino administration

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