Special Tools and Complimentary Features

Rounding out the most advanced ACL toolkit available are multiple administration-changing functions.

Weaved in throughout the improvements aclEZ provides in terms of ACL and group management, are high-level features that are at once specific and all encompassing. These features provide immense benefits on their own and complement each other to provide the most intuitive and complete ACL management tool available.

Look beyond the traditional ways of exploring and modifying ACLs—the vital keys to your IBM Notes and Domino security.

Supercharged features round out the pack

Get a fast and thorough overview of the Effective Access status for multiple users, servers, and groups across multiple databases—and manage them in a few clicks.

Profit from automatic background checks to confirm the presence of ACL entries and Mail Owners, and more.

Optimize loading performance and normalize selection criteria through powerful pre-filters.
Thousands of organizations use Ytria software for faster Notes development and better Domino administration

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