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Global Features / The flexYgrid


In addition to ability to export grid data to various preformatted document types, flexYgrid panels also give you easy copy/paste functions to bring your selected data out of the grid and into external applications.

Note See this page for more information about how to select data in the grid.


flexYgrid panel data can be copied by clicking either the corresponding 'Copy' toolbar button , context menu option found in the 'Grid Tools & Options' submenu (shown below), or by Ctrl + C.
'Copy' menu

Note When grid data is copied, three different formats are placed onto the clipboard: HTML, CSV, and Rich Text. You can set the way your data is handled for each one of these formats in the 'Export & Copy Settings' dialog. Refer to instructions of your chosen spreadsheet/document editor for information about how to ensure the format you want is copied to your chosen file.

Paste your data into your chosen file using Ctrl + V or the corresponding options in the spreadsheet/document editor.

Copy from Current Column

The 'Copy from Current Column' is a special copy function that will copy only the data within the current grid column of the selected rows. All settings will be applied in the same manner as a normal 'Copy' operation.

Activate this function by clicking its toolbar button , its context menu option found in the 'Grid Tools & Options' submenu (shown below), or by using Shift + Ctrl + C.

The 'Copy from Current Column' menu option

Note This special copy function will not automatically preserve column placement in the target document.
In the example below, the information in the cells of the column 'Logical Size' will be copied using this function.
'Copy from Current Column' grid example
Since this is the only information copied, pasting them into the first column of a spreadsheet will result in the following:
'Copy from Current Column' spreadsheet example
Appending data is this manner must be done manually.