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I have to update the value of an item, but in multiple documents. I see that in scanEZ I have all the documents available, but do I have to click through each document? Is there an easier way to do this?


Yes there is an easier way, through a feature sequence that often remains "hidden in plain sight" for even experienced users: the combination of the Diff/Values features. And depending on which documents need the item update, the process differs slightly. Here's how to do it.

Before you begin:

This process assumes that you have already opened scanEZ on a database. See this simple tutorial to learn how to open a given database with scanEZ..

Updating an item in ALL documents in a specific folder

Image of scanEZ interface showing a focused folder and clicking of Diff buttonStep 1 Expand the Documents category and select the appropriate folder—the one containing the documents you want to update.
This process will work on the scope of all the documents within the folder.
Step 2 With the focus placed on the appropriate folder, click the 'Diff' button.
This will bring up the 'Diff' tool's interface. What you see is a summarized list of all the items found in the focused selection of documents (all). Different indicators will tell you if the item is in one of three states: 1.) The item is present in every document and the values are the same. 2.) The item is present in every document and the values vary. 3.) The item is not present in all of the documents.
Image of scanEZ's Diff panel showing summarized item status informationStep 3 Click the item whose value you want to set.
Step 4 Right-click and select the menu option 'Modify Values', or use Crtl + Shift + M
Image of scanEZ's 'Modify item' dialogStep 5 You can choose either 'Set Value Using Formula' or the 'Set Fixed Value' tab.
In this particular example we know the value to be set, so we'll choose the 'Set Fixed Value' tab. Your case may vary.
Step 6 Update the value in the input window to the desired value and click 'Apply'. The modification process will begin immediately.
If the item is present in all selected documents, there is no further action required from you. In this case, see step 9.
If your item is not present in all documents continue to step 7.
The input value must be compatible with either the current type or the type that will be set.
Image of scanEZ warning dialog offering options to deal with documents lacking the desired itemIn this case, because the value is not already present in all the documents, when the process arrives at the first document that is missing the item, you will be prompted to either create the item in the document, skip the document, or cancel the process at this point.
Step 7 To repeat your choice over all documents, click the box marked 'Apply to all documents'.
Step 8 Click 'Create' to add the item in the documents processed.
Image of scanEZ dialog showing the number of documents processedStep 9 Once all documents are processed, click 'OK'.
All documents in your selection will now have contain the item with the updated value.

Updating an item value in a hand-picked selection of documents

Image of scanEZ's interface showing a focused folder, and the right-click menu options availableStep 1 Expand the Documents category and select the appropriate folder—the one containing the documents you want to update.

Step 2 Set the displayed tree title of the documents to a value that will let you easily identify which documents to select. With the focus placed on the entire folder, right-click and select 'Change Displayed Title' or use Crtl + T .
Image of scanEZ's 'Change Document Title' dialog in useStep 3 Select the information to use for the displayed tree title.
For the sake of this example, these documents are set up to show the vendor name in the item called "Vendor". We'll select that next. Your case may vary. Select the information that applies to your needs.
Step 4 As stated before, we want to show the Value of the item "Vendor". In this case we would select "Value" from the first dropdown menu, and then the item "Vendor" in the second.
Step 5 Click 'OK'.
Image of scanEZ's interface showing updated selection tree titlesStep 6 The documents' new displayed title will now be shown in the selection tree.
Image of scanEZ's interface with documents checkbox selected ready to add to a My Selection folderStep 7 Check the boxes next to the appropriate documents—those on which you want to update the items.

At this stage, selection of checkboxes can also be carried out using the option 'CheckBox Selection > Select using Regular expression' and entering the regular expression that matches what you would select manually.
Step 8 From the 'CheckBox Selection' menu, select the option 'Add To > New My Selection'.
Image of scanEZ's 'Add to New My Selection' dialogStep 9 Enter a title for your new My Selection folder
Step 10 Choose the information that will be displayed in the selection tree titles of the My Selection folder.
At this point, the displayed title can be changed to any available information. In this example we have chosen to keep the title information that has already been set.
Step 11 Click 'OK'.
Image showing scanEZ's interface showing documents in a My Selection folderStep 12 Your selected documents will now be in their own virtual folder. You may now follow the steps shown in "Updating an item in ALL documents in a specific folder" to update the item values.