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Ytria software is compatible with the following IBM Notes and Microsoft Windows versions:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 /8 /7 /Vista /XP
  • IBM Notes ND6.x, ND7.x, ND8.x, ND9
NoteYtria EZ Suite software versions 10.0 and earlier also work with Microsoft Windows 2000.

Microsoft 7/ Vista: General Considerations

Windows 7/Vista and IBM Notes 8 installed is supported.

Windows 7/Vista and IBM Notes 4.6x to 7.x Installed.

 UAC Virtualization Off
UAC Virtualization On
Notes installed in
Program Files directory
Issues may be experienced...
Notes not installed in
Program Files directory
NoteThere are IBM Technotes that discuss IBM Notes and Windows Vista compatibility.

For example the case of the Microsoft Vista User Account Control (UAC) and the IBM Notes client.
See this page for more information.

Windows 7/Vista: Possible Issues and Workarounds

The Program Files directory is locked down in Windows Vista. When a user process attempts to add a file to C:\Program Files, the UAC may redirect the request to the \AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ folder in the user's profile.
Our installation process fully supports this situation.

However, if you encounter an issue, there is a possible workaround:
If you are a Windows 7/Vista user, you should install IBM Notes in a directory other than Program Files. Once this is done Ytria software can be installed without issue.
Furthermore there is a notes.ini entry (see this page for the entry: YtriaInstalRedirectNotesExeDir=<Temp Full Path>) that lets you direct the installation to a temporary folder before manually copying the files to the notes.exe directory.

You can find more information on the Installation FAQ page.